BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Ravens wide receiver, Michael Jackson describes the destruction and recovery happening in his flood ravished home city of Tangipahoa, Louisiana.

While flood clean up continues in Louisiana, many major cities are getting national attention. Baton Rouge received a visit from President Obama earlier this week.

But there are smaller cities also in need of attention, like Tangipahoa, the home of former Ravens wide receiver Michael Jackson.

Jackson called Baltimore home from 1996-1998, while he was still playing for the Ravens. He has since then returned to his hometown of Tangipanoa, where he is tackling the destruction left by the recent flooding.

“It’s as devastating to us now as Katrina was in 2005” says Jackson.

In some areas, waters rose as high as 17 inches within 8 hours, causing major damage to local lives and livelihoods.

“We’re dealing with a town that is a poverty ridden town for the most part” Jackson describes via FaceTime, “and we started to go out and try to help others get out their homes, because we knew they were taking on way way more water if we were getting that amount.”

The city is a little more than an hour northeast of Baton Rouge, miles away from the camera and attention brought by President Obama’s visit on Tuesday. But like so many other areas in Louisiana, its residents are dealing with the flood’s deadly and destructive aftermath.

“They were able to throw the rope and get the son out but the father unfortunately was lost.” says Jackson as he recalls one incident in particular, “They found him a day later.”

There are the stories of recovery for many parts of Louisiana, as those who live there push to survive and rebuild.

Many of those who live in the flood hit areas, did not live in a flood zone, therefore they did not have flood insurance. They’re now forced to wait for FEMA to respond.

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