BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is holding his own in an otherwise tumultuous campaign season.

A new poll shows the Republican governor’s approval rating is up 8 points since a Baltimore Sun poll last November.

Since his against-all-odds election, poll after poll shows Larry Hogan has the approval of Maryland voters by more than 60-percent, and breaking into the 70’s.

A new OpinionWorks Poll gives the governor a 71% approval–63% of Democrats and 88% of Republicans think he’s doing a good job.

Baltimore Senate Democrat Bill Ferguson says it’s all about politics.

“I think Governor Hogan has been very political, he’s been very calculated and that shows in popular opinion polls,” said Senator Ferguson.

Speaking out on hot schools, taking action during the Baltimore Riot, breaking ranks with Trump republicans and at the same time battling cancer.

Where voters polled see a leader, the Democratic Party sees a guy looking for votes.

Assuming the polling trend continues could opponent have a tough time unseating him in 2018?

“I think its way too early to tell whether a poll in 2016 will hold for two years,” said Ferguson.

Governor Hogan posted the poll results on Facebook and Twitter.

The poll was conducted August 18th thru the 30th and shows democrat Chris Van Hollen nearly 30 points ahead of Kathy Szeliga in the U.S. Senate races in Maryland.

Comments (2)
  1. The poll shows that he is the best Governor this state has ever had!

  2. Slik says:

    Who are they talking to? The city and counties are crime and drug saturated nightmares, downtown is full of panhandlers and junkies, the utility companies are robbing us blind, you can’t go anywhere without construction delays, and businesses are being taxed out of existence! On top of that, he’s a lousy RINO and won’t get behind our next president, Mr. Trump!

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