This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show best of includes interviews with Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports on what to expect from the Ravens this season, Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman on the MLB playoff race, and Ed and Rob give their NFL season predictions.


Jason started by talking about the Ravens final roster and if there were any moves that surprised him saying “nothing drastic, not really the Forsett thing they did what they have to do there from a roster gymnastics stand point…I think the primary story line is health, it was the main story line last year from a negative stand point.”

When asked about the Ravens cutting Jeremy Butler and keeping younger wide receivers Jason said “I think they feel like Perriman and Chris Moore, between those two draft picks one of them can stay on the field and be that guy to stretch the field…and from the return game stand point obviously Devin Hester is going to be given every opportunity to get reps and show what he can do, you won’t find too many people with a better resume than him.”


Gausman started by talking about being a veteran and how that is helping him have success down the stretch saying, “this is my 4th year and 3rd year in the big leagues from the start, as a starting pitcher you’re always learning and taking things from your past years…last year, I kinda felt like I was rusty and then in the last month of the season I started pitching well, this year it’s kind of the same thing.”

As for the feeling around the clubhouse right now and the tight AL East race Kevin said, “the biggest word that comes to mind is fun, obviously it’s always fun when you’re winning, this time of year between us Boston and Toronto it feels like it’s going to go right down to the end…we’re playing great baseball right now.”