By Pat Warren

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Eight weeks from election day finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a virtual tie. The latest CBS News poll tells the tale of voters almost evenly divided, but with better news for one candidate than the other.

The poll shows Clinton with just a two-point lead over Donald Trump in a four-way race with third party candidates. She still has a big advantage among women — 13-points — and an 83-point advantage among black voters.

Trump leads by 11-points among men and white voters.

CBS News pollster Anthony Salvanto says with a three-point margin of error: “The race is tied nationally when we look at the four-way ballot, including the third party candidates. And so, that’s definitely a tightening from what we saw over the summer.”

In fact, only 38 percent of Democrats say they’re very enthusiastic about the race–down nine-points from August–while Republican enthusiasm is steady–up two-points from August.

“That goes into weighing down on Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers,” said Salvanto. ” And so, I think one of the things you watch going forward is whether or not Hillary Clinton can bounce back on that front and generate more enthusiasm among her base.”

We’re just 11 days away from the first debate. Already, more than 90 percent of those polls say they’ve made up their mind.

The latest statewide poll gives Clinton a nearly 30-point lead over Trump in Maryland.