This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show best of includes interviews with Clifton Brown of Comcast Sportsnet on the Ravens win over the Bills, Towson football Head Coach Rob Ambrose on his teams win and upcoming schedule, and Maryland Championship Wrestling owner Dan McDevitt on their upcoming event.


Cliff started by talking about the talent this team has at wide receiver and how long it will take for them to gel and figure out where they stand saying “they have the talent but it’s going to take a while to shake out where they all stand…Steve Smith is back Dennis Pitta is back they added Mike Wallace, Chris Moore, and Breshad Perriman is back, they weren’t as successful in the second half.”

As for the offensive line and whether or not the young guys performed okay in their first challenge Cliff said “you already have two young guys starting at left tackle and left guard, and I’m not saying they;’re going to make a change but you have John Urschel and ultimately his best position is probably center…Jeremey Zuttah has to be better with communication with Joe and protected Joe’s face from guys rushing up the middle.”


Coach Ambrose started off by talking about the win over St. Francis and what it means for his program and what kind of team St. Francis is saying “these guys played Montana the week before and they’re number 10 in the country and that’s one of the most hostile places to play in the country…I won’t be surprised if they’re in the top 25 and they win their conference.”

When asked about what worries him in the upcoming schedule for his team Coach Ambrose said “it’s conference play so everybody worries me, right now we have 6 teams ranked in the top 25 and we’re not one of them…it never ends it’s like being a surgeon once you get through one surgery here comes another one, it’s brutal.”


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