BALTIMORE (WJZ)–As the search continues for the person behind the fatal stabbing of a Morgan State University student, campus police are addressing the safety of students while on and around campus.

Marcus Edwards, 21, a sophomore from Washington, D.C., was stabbed a mile away from the campus Monday night.

His mother said he wanted to be a detective.

“He really wanted to be a detective. That’s all he ever dreamed about,” said Nicole Ausberry-Brooks. That’s all he ever dreamed about. So, he went to school for social work and he wanted to help the youth, disadvantaged youth.”

Edwards’ death has raised some concerns for student safety on and around campus.

“It makes me question security around here. Like, how safe are we if we step off campus? Is there are change we are going to get robbed or we’re going to get shot or anything,” said Jasmine Warren, a senior at the university. “It just doesn’t make me feel safe at all.”

While Edwards’ fatal stabbing did not happen on campus, there have been violent incidents on campus.

In 2015 three football players were hurt during an altercation outside the cafeteria, two of them sent to the hospital after being stabbed.

And another incident in March of 2016, involving the stabbing death of Gerald Williams at an off campus university apartment complex.

Adrian Wiggins, executive director of Campus and Public Safety at MSU says while they can’t control things outside the boarders of the university, they are working to keep students safe by working with city police.

“We let [police] know where our students exist and where they  live and we also partner with police to provide this education with the local housing areas, as well as, the officers being aware of where our students like to travel, so that the city officers in their regular patrol patterns can have a visible presence and speak to some of those issues that may show up,” said Wiggins.

A vigil was held at the Morgan State Business School Wednesday night.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police.


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