BALTIMORE. Md. (WJZ)– The Goucher Poll asked 514 likely Maryland Voters for their opinions about candidates for the U.S. Senate and presidential races.

58 percent of likely Maryland voters said they’d vote for Hillary Clinton, 25 percent for Donald Trump, 6 percent for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 2 percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. 8 percent said they’re currently undecided.

46 percent viewed Clinton as unfavorable, while 51 percent ruled her favorable. 76 percent of voters viewed Trump as unfavorable, while 22 percent viewed him as favorable.

“The Democrat-to-Republican ratio, coupled with a large percentage of African American voters and populous progressive strongholds continue to give Democratic candidates a significant advantage in presidential election years,” said Dr. Mileah Kromer, Director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center. “Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by 25 points statewide in 2012, so it’s not surprising that Clinton holds a sizable advantage over Trump in Maryland.”

With U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski retiring soon, 54 percent of likely Maryland voters say they will vote for Democrat Chris Van Hollen, while 24 percent say they will vote for Republican Kathy Szeliga. 2 percent say they will vote for Green Party candidate Margaret Flowers, while 19 percent are undecided.

50 percent of respondents held a favorable view of Van Hollen, while 19 percent held an unfavorable view and 30 percent indicated they didn’t know. 28 percent held a favorable view of Szeliga, while 15 percent held an unfavorable view, and 57 percent indicated that they didn’t know.

Likely voters were also asked about the frequency of political conversations and how many of their close friends were Republicans or Democrats.

82 percent of likely Maryland voters said that politics comes up in their everyday conversations very or somewhat often. When asked how many of their close friends are Republicans or Democrats, individuals have more close friends that share their political affiliation, according to the poll.

57 percent of Republican respondents said they have some or a lot of Democratic friends, while 83 percent said they have some or a lot of Republican friends.

37 percent of Democratic respondents have some or a lot of Republican friends, while 87 percent have some or a lot of Democratic friends.

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