BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Local motorists are still seeing a spike at the pump, following a ruptured gasoline pipeline in Alabama. The leak was repaired last week, but officials say prices are still high.

Typically in the winter, the demand for gas goes down, making it cheaper, but because of this issue, Maryland drivers are now paying more than the national average. A leak in the Colonial Pipeline was first reported in early September, disrupting the supply of gasoline up and down the east coast.

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“That has eliminated one point three million barrels of gasoline a day for distribution so you can imagine all the drivers impacted,” said AAA spokeswoman Christine Delise.

Gas prices typically trend down in colder months, but this leak is forcing prices to go up.

“Wholesalers are increasing their prices, because they don’t really know when their next supply of gasoline will arrive,” said Delise.

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This is certainly unwelcome news for motorists, who are now the ones absorbing the extra cost.

“Definitely impacts me, takes away from other things I would spend money on,” said driver Walter Kutrik.

“I don’t like it,” said another driver.

“I do Uber so my prices on the gas, I usually pay $20, now I pay $30 to $35,” said motorist Kahri Jefferson.

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Maryland’s average is now $2.27 at the pump. Experts expect prices to get back to normal in the next couple of weeks.