General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles Dan Duquette joined Ed and Rob to talk about his team playing in the AL Wild Card game in Toronto tonight.

Duquette takes pride in making it to the playoffs for the third time in his five years with the Orioles. “This is the American League East, it’s a tough division. Every year, night in and night out, it’s the toughest division in baseball.”

Between Kim and Jimenez, many questioned the decisions of the organization earlier this year, but both players ended up helping the Orioles seal the deal when it came to the postseason. Duquette says, “Kim wasn’t in great shape when he got to spring training and he needed time to make adjustments and he’s proved to be a good solid hitter. Jimenez has been a streaky pitcher his entire career, when he’s on, he’s great and when he’s not, it’s not so great, but he helped us get to where we are tonight.”

Overall, Duquette is proud to have the team that he does. He points out, “We’ve got a Cy Young candidate in Zach Britton, we have a MVP candidate in Machado, an All-Star catcher and the home run champ in Mark Trumbo. We have a lot to talk about and those guys having great years is one of the reasons we’re here tonight. We’re in a dead heat and we’re going to play a death match tonight.”

Duquette also went on to talk about the decision to start Chris Tillman in the playoffs, his confidence in Buck Showalter and the keys to a victory tonight.

Tune in to the full interview below:


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