By Ava-joye Burnett

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Former Baltimore mayor, Sheila Dixon plans to run as a write-in candidate for mayor in the upcoming  November election, WJZ has learned.

“Looking at the crime that’s just out of control, and so many other factors, you know, my heart is still in trying to serve,” says Dixon.

The Democratic mayoral candidate is expected to make the announcement on Tuesday morning.

“While a write-in candidate has never been successful in recent history in the City of Baltimore, we’ve seen successful write-in candidacies across the country, including right next door in Washington, D.C. when Anthony Williams ran a successful write-in campaign after being left off the ballot in the 2002 Democratic Primaries,” says Dixon.

Dixon went head-to-head with Catherine Pugh during the Maryland primary, but fell short of votes.

Late-opening polls and problems with voter rolls and judges are just some of the issues that surfaced during the Primary. State election officials even de-certified the results for a time, saying almost 2,000 ballots were not handled correctly.

Back in May, Dixon decided against a recount, but encouraged the Board of Elections to rectify issues that occurred during the Maryland Primary on April 26th.

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“I also encourage the Board of Elections to rectify the issues with judges and training, late poll openings and collection of Election Day data before the November elections so that the people of Baltimore have full faith in the administration of elections in our city,” she said.

Dixon fell from grace back in 2010 when she was forced to resign after she was charged with misusing gift cards for the needy.

“I think people in Baltimore want to hear my sincerity–that I am sorry for what happened,” said Dixon in an exclusive interview with WJZ last year. “I’m apologizing about it. I also know that people want to hear that I have not taken anything for granted in that process of what happened. And I also know that I want to thank those people in Baltimore who have been praying for me, who have been supportive of me.”

Now, years later, Dixon says she wants to do what’s best for the citizens of Baltimore.

“I’ve never allowed the improbable odds of anything deter me from doing what I thought was best for the citizens of this great city, as Baltimore had never had a female Mayor before I ran and won in 2007; so I know what it takes to face obstacles with seemingly insurmountable odds and be able to accomplish the so-called impossible. And the process of writing me in is as easy as A, B, C. You find the Mayor’s race (A), you fill-in the oval next to the write-in option (B) and then you write-in my name, Sheila Dixon (C).”

Goucher College Field Politics Center Director, Mileah Kromer say it’s a last chance effort.

“What voters need to do when they go to the ballot box is click-on write-in, and actually write the name in,” Kromer said. “The name has to be spelled correctly. No abbreviations, no nicknames. But in the case where there’s not another Dixon running they can just put Dixon in as their write-in so it takes away a little bit of the challenge to the voters to write that in.”

What are the chances of a write-in win?

Kromer says, “It’s a long shot.”

“I am going to be as nice as I can be, she had her chance. I really do believe she should just go and lay low,” says Inette Dixon.

But there are plenty of others who support the former mayor.

“People make mistakes, so I have no problem. I’d probably vote for her,” says Johnny Evans.

“Like I said, everybody deserves a second chance. A lot of people with a lot of money get second chances, why can’t she get a second chance?” says Ray Isaac.

Dixon took to Facebook to tease the Tuesday announcement saying, “To tune in to my Facebook page tomorrow between 11:30am and noon for a special LIVE announcement from me! Here’s a little clue: #DixonForMayor2016 #WriteHerIn.”

Dixon acknowledges that no mayoral candidate has won a write in campaign in recent history, but that’s not deterring her from trying to make history.

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Ava-joye Burnett

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  1. Jim says:

    Does she really think the city is ready for a criminal to run the city, we have enough problems with thugs now and do not need a convict running it deeper into the ground

  2. Marcus says:

    Well the Democrats already have a criminal in Hillary running for president……what shiela Dixon did is NOTHING compared to what Hillary Clinton did.

  3. Joe Yeti says:

    Baltimore’s Marion Berry.

  4. regassert6 says:

    They misspelled candidate as “canidate” on the mailer that was sent out.