BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A recent study finds that while teens aren’t texting and driving as much, they’re still plenty distracted on the roads due to smartphone apps.

A survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Student Against Destructive Decisions found 70 percent of teens admit to “apping while driving” and nearly 80 percent don’t believe they’re a distraction.

“Even a short glace away from the roadway can have a profound impact on your ability to respond,” said researcher, Dr. William Horrey.

Experts say the most commonly used apps while in our cars are music, navigation systems, and our cameras.

WJZ found that it’s more than just teens taking part.

“I use Waze for directions, which is the app,” said one driver.

“They make it addictive, we’re all completely addicted to our devices,” another driver said.

Maryland law prohibits the use of a handheld cell phone and texting while driving.

First-time offenders face a maximum of an $83 fine, second-time offenders a maximum of $140 fine, and third-time offenders a maximum of $160 fine (all figures include court costs). Points cannot be given unless the offence results in a crash.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    It would be more of a distraction if those caught faced mandatory jail time and or many hours of community service. It is a serious issue and causes many accidents. It’s the same mentality as those who think they can have a bunch of drinks and then are OK to drive.