TOWSON, Md. (AP) — A former Towson University student charged in a fraternity hazing incident that left a pledge hospitalized has gotten probation before judgment.

Court records show 21-year-old Evan Francis of Olney was granted probation before judgment on Monday. He had been charged with hazing a 19-year-old, who police say was forced to drink something that burned his mouth, esophagus and digestive tract March 31.

Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger said by phone Wednesday that Francis had agreed to a statement of facts in court, which meant prosecutors did not have to bring the case to trial.

Shellenberger says Francis has done 60 hours of community service and is continuing to receive counseling.

The Towson chapter of the fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, was closed by the national fraternity until at least 2021.


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  1. Kathryn says:

    PBJ is less than a slap on the wrist for doing something that could have killed someone.

  2. Erica Finkelstein-Parker says:

    TKE was out of control years ago. What this idiot did was a criminal offense, assault and should be treated as such. He should not be allowed to get off and not be punished. Obviously, he didn’t belong in college in the first place. TU should be ashamed that this took place. Hold your ears people, coming from a former sorority sister, all of the Caucasian frats on the campus were out of control when I was a student at TSU. None of them were above reproach.The whole “Greek” system needs to be reworked. They no longer have a meaning there.

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