BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. had a strong opinion about Giants kicker Josh Brown’s arrest in a domestic violence case, and now former Raven Torrey Smith is also making a statement about the NFL.

Smith tweeted, “Celebrating a TD will get you fined but being an abuser can keep the checks coming in.”

Torrey Smith continued and tweeted:

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Brown was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, but will still be able to collect his base salary of approximately $1.15 million and is permitted to attend the Giants facility “for meetings, individual workouts, therapy and rehabilitation, and other permitted non-football activities.”

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He is not allowed to attend practices or games. Brown is not expected to appeal the NFL’s decision to place him on the commissioner’s exempt list.

Multiple sources also expressed doubt that Brown would ever kick again in the NFL after documents surfaced this week in which the veteran kicker admitted to domestic abuse against his wife.

Comments (4)
  1. john says:

    let’s not forget the vikins running back beating a baby with a switch how was he allowed back the nfl needs to a strong and long at itself seems to be no moral compass in the league all dollars and no sense

  2. Paddy Ofurniture says:

    Beyond me how anyone watches this ridiculous sport.

  3. Gerry says:

    I personally think the NFL needs to start at the top with firing the Commissioner and then work it’s way down. These guys are human just like average everyday men who make bad decisions or judgement calls and all deserve the same treatment. How can some get hefty fines and lose their careers and some others get a smack on their wrist and continue to collect millions ?
    I can forgive a man for making a mistake or bad judgement call 1 time around but those who show a pattern or history of being abusive has no place in the league IMO.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Beating a woman, harming a child or an animal is NOT a “bad decision”, “human” or a “judgment call”; it is a violent crime that traumatizes at the very least and kills at its worst. Maybe you can forgive them, but the law and the NFL should not. Domestic violence, child and animal abuse are serious violent crimes and it is rare anyone gets caught the very first time they did it. Women (or elders) are often scared to report it for fear or under threat of more violence or boing kicked out if they do and young children and animals are not able to speak for themselves. Fines mean nothing to these players as they have a lot of money (and they all have access to health care to get help with their issues). The NFL does need to houseclean starting at the top and to put them all on notice there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any type of violent CRIME and yes, Gerry, it is a crime, a violent crime with a victim. For what NFL players get paid they can behave themselves. Torry Smith is a class act and I wish more players were like him.

    If a player did to a ref what they do to their wives/girlfriends, you know darn well that would get them banned for life.

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