BALTIMORE (WJZ) — October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is why some players have been wearing purple accessories, including Steve Smith Sr. whose new, purple kicks say, “Break the silence.”

The wide receiver made his feelings known about New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, who was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list after the NFL reopened its investigation into Brown’s domestic violence arrest.

Artists solesbysir designed a pair of cleats for Smith saying, “Enough is ENOUGH. Thank you to @aceandsmitty who gives me the opportunity to paint cleats like this.” You can see the cleats here. 

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Steve Smith Sr. has also been posting statistics on his social media accounts.



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  1. Kathryn says:

    The victims of NFL players should sue them for enabling the violence. The NFL clearly does not take it seriously and facilitates slap on the wrists cover ups. They need a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to drugs, DUI, domestic violence, child and animal abuse. Fines mean nothing to them, kicking them out of the NFL will get the message across. You beat your wife/girlfriend, your kids, parents, abuse/neglect animals or commit a crime involving drugs, alcohol, weapons or violent behavior and a list spelled out to them, and you are OUT FOREVER- no appeals, do overs, blaming it on concussions or any other malarkey. NFL players are lucky to have high paying jobs (after a free college education) and they should have to follow some rules off the field too. I don’t think the NFL realizes how many of their fans are women and how many men and women are getting turned off by thugs with cleats and will turn away from the game. I am on the edge of dumping football and the NFL needs to realize women to watch and we are the ones that actually buy a heck of a lot of that NFL merchandise. You have priced many people out of actually attending games already, so why keep turning off more people by trying to hide violent crimes???