BALTIMORE (WJZ)—With three days left to go to vote early in November’s General Election, Maryland has shattered the early-voting record with more than 500,000 casted ballots in the last five days, according to our media partner The Baltimore Sun.

In 2012, the state recorded roughly 430,000 early ballots during a span of five days.

This year, early voting will last eight days and there are 20 more polling places than four years ago.

About 125,000 people came out last week on the first and second days of early voting.

On Saturday and Sunday respectively, roughly 80,000 and 74,000 voters came out.

On Monday, a total of 102,617 people voted officials say.

The Maryland Board of Elections reports more than 74,000 ballots were casted on Tuesday.

Early-voting centers are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily through Thursday.

For a full list of early voting sites in Maryland, CLICK HERE.

  1. Neil P Davis says:

    “Md. Breaks Early-Voting Record With More Than 500,000 Casted Ballots”
    should be
    “Md. Breaks Early-Voting Record With More Than 500,000 Cast Ballots”

    “casted” is deprecated and no longer proper.

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