BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Early voting in Maryland has ended, but not before making history. The turnout is the highest ever in state history.

Even a non-battle ground state like Maryland is making sure it sends a statement during this historic election.

Baltimore City Election officials say so far there have been no problems with early voting around the city.

Voters in Baltimore County being motivated for a whole slew of reasons.

“I’m very happy to see it over,” said Baltimore County early voter Terry Hogan.

“I’m actually kind of excited because this is my first year voting,” said voter Gabrielle Evans.

The early vote has reached a monumental 877,134 votes, compared to 2012’s 430,000 some votes.

Record breaking numbers that political experts say are impressive but not surprising

“Voters are more polarized along partisan lines today than they have been at anytime since they’ve starting taking surveys,” said political expert Matthew Cranson.

People are so for or against a candidate its driving them to vote.

“I’ve talked to a few people who say they’ve actually been made to feel physically ill,” said Cranson.

“Just making my voice heard, that’s what I’m anxious about,” said one man voting early on Thursday.

“I’m stressed about the two candidates,” said one woman voting early on Thursday.

At least voters haven’t had to stress too much about wait times to cast their ballot.

Election officials describing it as essentially organized chaos, despite the massive lines voters are getting in and out in about 20 minutes.”

“Fantastic. This is the best that it’s ever been,” said an early voter.

And now a part of Maryland election history.

Anyone still in line by 8 was still allowed to vote.


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