This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show Best Of featured Ken Weinman filling in for Ed Norris with Rob and interviewing Ryan Mink of the Ravens website, Maryland Terrapins Women’s Basketball coach Brenda Frese, and Orioles center fielder Adam Jones.


Ryan started off by talking about the Ravens losing so many close games and whether or not he’s frustrated saying, “yeah, I think it’s frustrating in one aspect but it gives you a little more hope that they can turn things around…they’re in every single game they could be 0-7 but they could easily be 7-0.”

As for the mindset of the team having lost four straight games leading into this weekend’s game against the Steelers Ryan said, “I think guys are still business as usual and part of that is last year was difficult because of so many season ending injuries…this year some of those guys have been injured but they’re still around and they’re coming back.”


Coach Frese started by talking about what she expects from this year’s team saying “we have the number 1 recruiting class in the country with six freshman, and we do have to remember that they are freshman so I’m ready for a roller coaster at times…I love that they’re ultra competitive and they’re going to add a lot of depth to our team.”

Coach Frese also talked about her point guard Destiny Slocum from Idaho and what kind of player she is saying “she is huge, she is a talent and is the best by far at that point guard position and her leader ship skills are off the charts she’s a natural…really been impressed with her, we run a lot of things in our offense and she has caught up very quickly.”


Adam started by talking about his tailgate event coming up this weekend before the Ravens game “if you ain’t coming to this tailgate you’re missing out on everything…you’re missing out on food first off, secondly you’re missing out on food, and the third thing you’ll miss out on is the food, everybody makes the same drinks but this food you don’t want to miss.”

As for the World Series and it he is watching Adam said “I’ve paid attention to what’s going on, haven’t been pitch by pitch but I’ve paid attention to it.” And when Adam was asked if he cares who wins he kept it simple saying “it ain’t me, whoever wins it deserves it.”


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