BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Donald Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants has heightened fears amongst foreign students. That’s sparked a nationwide effort to make college campuses safe zones for undocumented students.

The sanctuary campus movement has spread to more than 100 schools across the country, including a few in Maryland.

Comments from the president-elect sparked fears.

“It’s scary. This whole situation has been very scary,” said Towson University student Maria Centeno.

Centeno was brought to the U.S. as a baby and worries everything she’s worked for could disappear.

“This is my home. My friends are here. I grew up here,” said Centeno.

Classmate Fresia Blanco knows the pain of deportation.

“My dad was deported when I was 7. So I know what it feels like to have your family ripped apart,” said Blanco.

Now some students are working to protect their university family.

“We want to make our students that are daca feel safe on this campus,” said another Towson University student Jonathan Gallo.

They’re calling for Towson to be declared a save haven for undocumented students.

“You are supported and you don’t have to be afraid because we are here and we’re going to stand together,” said student Emely Rodriguez.

In Maryland there are more than 253,000 unauthorized immigrants. 35,000 of them are college age.

Several campuses across the country have sent petitions to school leadership asking them to protect undocumented students. In Los Angeles, school officials have made campuses safe zones for families threatened with deportation.

Several cities have also declared themselves sanctuaries.

“You no longer have to worry about living in fear. But then it just takes this election or presidency to get all that fear back,” said  Daniela Velasquez, Towson University student.

Maria Centeno hopes to ease her fears.

“I want to know that I’m supported and I’m protected by my peers,” said Centeno.

So she can focus on her future. Monday, Towson University students held a walkout to speak out against the new administration. Four years ago, Maryland voters approved the dream act– giving in-state tuition to certain undocumented students.

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  1. John Oates says:

    There should be NO SAFE ZONES for Illegal Students. The word being ILLEGAL. If these people like it here, have grown up here then APPLY for Citizenship. This has to STOP. These students are welcome to stay but do it by the Rules.

    1. Alex Florez says:

      Illegal need not apply for citizenship. All the idiots have to do is get a student visa. As long as the student illegals don’t engage in criminal activity, they have no fear of deportation.

  2. Alex Florez says:

    Colleges are already “safe zones” for illegal aliens. A student visa is all any illegal alien needs to remain in the United States, idiots.

  3. ssj455 says:

    A safe place to round them up.

  4. We shouldn’t have federal dollars or grants go to those Universities that participate in safe zones for illegals.. You go over to other countries and they despise us.. Take care of US kids first… And I’m a black man that support Trump on this policy if it comes true…

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