BALTIMORE (WJZ)– He’s been dubbed the “Naked Slice Burglar” and a Towson pizza shop is hoping you’ll help catch a thief.

Employees at Slice of Towson have heard just about every nudity joke you can imagine, but they’re still hoping the man who did some serious damage is caught.

The man stripped his clothes off, broke in, and ransacked Slice of Towson Pizza Shop around 6 a.m. November 10. The revealing surveillance video shocked owner Paul Rizas the next day.

“He’s now what’s called the Naked Slice Burglar. So he was in here with no pants,” said Rizas.

It’s unclear whether he took his pants off — or they got stuck while he shimmied through a tiny vent from the roof.

“I thought the whole whole situation was weird to begin with,” said employee Sara Dauber.

The barefoot, birthday suit burglar did about $5,000 in damage but only got off with some change. The photos he left behind is what’s making the real impression.

“Was he that desperate for pizza he couldn’t wait until the store opened up? I don’t understand,” said one customer.

“It’s like the talk of town right now,” said Dauber.

And if you can identify the guy and turn him in, you could be in for a pretty tasty reward.

“Free pizza for life. To anyone who can identify this man to the authorities, enough to get him arrested,” said Rizas.

Slice of Towson is hoping they’ll be serving up not just pizza but justice, too.

Slice’s owner tells WJZ someone tried to cash stolen checks from the burglary at a bank in Dundalk. They’re hoping that surveillance video will help with the investigation.

Slice of Towson is already thinking of naming a pizza after the burglar — called the “Naked Pizza.”

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  1. Vox Veritas says:

    Extra small sausage?

    Hold the pepperoni?

  2. Vox Veritas says:

    Don’t even think about the cheese…

  3. Vox Veritas says:

    Does Anthony Weiner have an alibi?

  4. Ed Cole says:

    Top the pizza with angel hair pasta dyed black with squid ink…

  5. tngilmer says:

    You just gotta love all these nutty liberal towns and states that voted for Clinton.

  6. Come on now!…. We expect this type of behavior from FLORIDA, but not the great state of Maryland…

  7. He was not naked he was wearing a blurry !

  8. My guess is that he did not want to get his clothes dirty

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