BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City Police crime tech is arrested in a major bust involving drugs and a lot of cash.

Timika Jones, 37, and her boyfriend Clarence Jones, 39, have been arrested and are facing felony charges after a major bust involving drugs, guns, and more than $100,000 dollars in cash.

Police tell WJZ the arrest of one of their own is always disappointing. And while her role gave her limited access to police resources, investigators are reviewing every case she worked on to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Crime techs usually responding to scenes to dust for fingerprints and take pictures. Now, one those very people entrusted with that responsibility stands accused of being on the wrong side of the law.
“We can’t underscore how disappointed we are to see a member of our agency involved in something like this,” said TJ Smith, Baltimore City Police spokesman.
Police tell WJZ the investigation unfolded based on a tip that resulted in a search warrant in the 1600 block of Ashburton Street in west Baltimore.

During their raid Wednesday, officers found two handguns, a 40 cal Springfield SW and a 44Mag Tracker Revolver, a capsule machine.

Recovered from a rental vehicle, investigators also found 125 gel capsules containing suspected heroin and $5,000 in cash.

Police also stress that Jones did not have access to the department’s drug lab or storage, but investigators are still being cautious.
One legal expert tells WJZ, a conviction could compromise cases Jones had a hand in while employed as a crime tech, especially in cases where she was the only tech called to the scene.
Not being able to call her as a witness could jeopardize a number of prosecutions if she’s the only person who can testify in that way.
As a precaution, police are reviewing all cases Jones may have worked on.
Police say Jones has been with the Baltimore Police Department a little more than a year. She has been suspended without pay per department policy.
Both Jones and her boyfriend are expected to appear in court in December.