Hi everyone!

This day is going to be a nice one. With sun, we roll up to almost 70 this afternoon. As I like to say, “Find ya some ‘me’ time” today. Get some fresh air on the boss’s dime! HA! And this evening will be just super. And it is Friday. This is a win, y’all. Not too much else is going on. We are still expecting that cold front to roar–yes, I did write roar–through here tomorrow night. By the way, as that cold air slices into this mild air mass, it is NOT impossible to see a thunderstorm fire up.

Temps look to rebound back to near normal by Thanksgiving, and we are trending away from rain on Wednesday. Having said that, though, a coastal low may form, which would give us a chance of rain on “Black Friday.” We’ll see.

T.G.I.F., …ain’t it the truth!!

Have a fine and safe weekend.



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