Mike Preston writes a column and covers the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun.

Mike called in live from Dallas to give out his grades to the Ravens in a loss to the Cowboys.

Mike started out by grading the performance of Joe Flacco giving the QB a C+ saying “he managed the game fairly well and worked within the system. His arm seemed to tire a little early in the third quarter but Flacco seemed more sound than in previous games.” The offensive line received a grade of C+ and the running backs picked up a grade of B-. The wide receivers got a grade of C+ with Mike saying “somehow, the Ravens have to get more explosive plays out of this group, especially against a team like Dallas.”

Mike then switched to the defense and started by giving the D line a grade of C- saying “the Ravens had trouble holding the edge at times early in the game and wilted under the constant Dallas pressure.” The linebackers received a grade of C- from Mike and the secondary picked up a D with Mike saying “the Ravens missed starting cornerback Jimmy Smith and Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant made them pay…safeties Eric Weddle and Lardarius Webb did a good job of walking back coverages in the first half, but the Cowboys took advantage of them in the second half when they had to drop deep to help in coverage.”

Finally mike graded the Special teams giving them a grade of B-, and the coaching staff received a grade of B+.


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