BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Each of the 32 teams in the NFL play in at least one Thursday game during the season. The broadcasting rights are currently split between NFL Network, CBS, and NBC, with Twitter digitally streaming 10 of the games, but changes could be on the horizon.

The faltering ratings and lowered viewership during the 2016 season is causing the NFL to take a closer look at what is working and what isn’t as the contracts for broadcasting come to an end in 2017.

According to Pro Football Talk, the league is considering ending, or at least limiting, Thursday Night Football by 2018.

In a statement to CNBC on Monday, the league disputed the report from ProFootballTalk.

“We are fully committed to ‘Thursday Night Football’ and any reports to the contrary are unfounded,” the league said.

Many players and coaches around the league have expressed their disdain for the shortened weeks and added games.

One of the more outspoken players in the league, Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, said, “It’s rough on the body. Any time you play a football game and play another one a few days later, it’s going to be tough on the body. But it’s just another one of those things. Another one of those simple contradictions of the league, ‘because they care about us.'”

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So what are the options? Well, the league could do away with the TNF games completely, create a new package or just limit the amount of games per season.

Thursday Night Football debuted about a decade ago as a way for providing more game content for the NFL Network, generate higher fees from cable and satellite providers.

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  1. hellandahandbasket says:

    The power of the purse – The consumer has ALWAYS had the purse-power, and the Liberal/Feminist-Cult just pushed us into using that power. [slow hand clap]

  2. Get rid of that Americans traitors (like Kaepernick) and you might see your revenues increase. As long as you defy the will of the people, you will continue to suffer losses…

  3. Troy Dynes says:

    I think people really don’t care for the antics of the millionaire prima donna jocks. If I what to view drama, I’ll tune in Jerry Springer.

  4. GO Alabama!!!
    Roll tide!!!

  5. Bill Wiesen says:

    Never see it anyways, won’t pay extra for Thursday night football.

  6. Dave Park says:

    The match ups are dull, the games start too late, get over too late and ther are way too many commercials.

  7. Besides the officiating, ROGER GOODELL HASN’T AND isn’t doing right by the fans or the NFL! The NFL made a big mistake giving this GOOF the power they did, MUCH LESS pay him the kind of money they did.
    Parity? Yeah in some cases, but you shouldn’t pull the stunts he pulled to reign in the teams that were playing smart and have top shelf management. Some games still aren’t worth watching!

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