BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Each of the 32 teams in the NFL play in at least one Thursday game during the season. The broadcasting rights are currently split between NFL Network, CBS, and NBC, with Twitter digitally streaming 10 of the games, but changes could be on the horizon.

The faltering ratings and lowered viewership during the 2016 season is causing the NFL to take a closer look at what is working and what isn’t as the contracts for broadcasting come to an end in 2017.

According to Pro Football Talk, the league is considering ending, or at least limiting, Thursday Night Football by 2018.

In a statement to CNBC on Monday, the league disputed the report from ProFootballTalk.

“We are fully committed to ‘Thursday Night Football’ and any reports to the contrary are unfounded,” the league said.

Many players and coaches around the league have expressed their disdain for the shortened weeks and added games.

One of the more outspoken players in the league, Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, said, “It’s rough on the body. Any time you play a football game and play another one a few days later, it’s going to be tough on the body. But it’s just another one of those things. Another one of those simple contradictions of the league, ‘because they care about us.'”

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So what are the options? Well, the league could do away with the TNF games completely, create a new package or just limit the amount of games per season.

Thursday Night Football debuted about a decade ago as a way for providing more game content for the NFL Network, generate higher fees from cable and satellite providers.

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Comments (119)
  1. They should consider getting the players off their knees, keep their political and racist opinions away from the game. Then, maybe things will pick up. Until then, “boycott”

  2. Disgusted with anti-American protest’s and players acting like politicians, could care less about the NFL now !

  3. Kim A Kirk says:

    You mean people are tired of watching over-paid, uneducated, foul mouthed, immature young idiots play a once great game that they’ve ruined? Shazam…. who knew.

  4. A few things that need to be addressed and I think the NFL will get its ratings back.

    1. Control player taunting, celebrating, dancing, and most all childish behavior with stiff fines, and I mean really big fines, to both the players and the teams. When I’m at work and complete a task or make good for the company I don’t run around the office woohoo’ing, chest bumping whoever is in my way, and do a stupid dance at the water cooler. Enough of this already. Do your job and be humble about it.

    2. Do not allow protesting of any form on the field and when in your team’s uniform. This is not restricting free speech. If a player wants to stand up for a cause, no matter how misguided, he can do it on his own time. Again, big fines and or suspension for any violations.

    3. No more pink Octobers or Camo Novembers. The league can support these causes all it wants, but when it is game time the only focus on the field should be professional football.

    4. Dump Goodell. Nothing more needs to be said.

  5. Ditch Thursday Night Football and bring back Saturday football when college football season is over. Some of us football junkies need our fix on Saturday, not Thursday.

  6. Al Bore says:

    I’m amazed that the NFL top brass, and especially the rest of the players, would allow that idiot Colin Kaepernick to single-handedly kill the goose that laid the golden egg with his hateful, disrespectful and ignorant “protest” against the national anthem and police officers. When the fans walk away from the NFL for good, I hope Colin understands what an a–hole he truly is.

  7. Herb Rapoza says:

    Touchdown, break for commercials, PAT, break for commercials, kick off, break for commercials. 15 minutes to see 3 plays. Count me out.

  8. Chris Cook says:

    Good. Hopefully, the ingrate Commies fold.

  9. Dave Dykstra says:

    They need to drop their political correctness and anti-America shtick.

  10. mustcrochet says:

    People have had enough of the leftist liberal agenda being pushed by the NFL and ESPN. The NFL is for playing football. ESPN is for commentating. Leave the politics at the door. Viewers don’t want to hear your political rants – they want to watch a game. We are also tired of Colin Kaepernick and his continual displays of stupidity and the 49ers doing nothing about it. I can’t wait till major league baseball starts in the Spring!

  11. Aw, poor Richard Sherman cant play two games in 4 days…. Rugby players sometimes play three in a week. Soccer players play 5 in 14 days often times. But padded and armored American footballers cant handle it.

  12. A few of my complaints about the NFL that have caused me to stop watching it all together.
    Seems to me they hardly ever do a replay unless it’s under review or it’s going to the highlight reel. I’d like to see some replays from time to time, they play more than enough commercials during a game that used to cover two games.
    Start throwing the flag for these defensive guys that celebrate every other play like they just won the Super Bowl. Settle your butt down and either go back to the huddle or hussle it off the field.
    The final straw was Kaepernick and the people like him that not only disrespect the game but America as well. There is a time and place for everything. Our relax time during a football game is not a time for your protest/political views.
    I’m done!

  13. Better to sack Goodell, sack all political commentary from players, sack the horrible rules and sack 1/3 of those commercials.

    Curious why the NFL can’t figure out that these are the problems?

  14. Maybe start with a little partiotic respect for the flag that your viewers feel very strongly about. Why should we patronize a sport that shows public hatred for our police, and our country?

  15. Fire Colin K and watch the customers return.
    It isn’t rocket science.

  16. How about ditching the whole thing? Overweight, overpaid chuckleheads throwing a pigskin around trying to pile up on top of each other. The worst “sport” ever. Doesn’t get any dumber than NFL. Colin? He’s a symptom of the problem: spoiled ignorant fatties.

  17. dlethe says:

    They only need one Thursday game. Thanksgiving day, between the Cowboys and Redskins.

  18. NFL is dead. nobody cares —from older set 60+ to < under 30/ It is irrelevant and the gravy train for owners is DONE. They are living off dumb network executives.

  19. Reading this article informed me. I did not realize every team gets a Thurs night spot. I thought they decided by some other method.

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