By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Weeks outside the inauguration, our new CBS News poll asks American what kind of president they think Donald Trump will be. Thirty-six percent answered “poor.”

As presidents before him have learned firsthand, just because you get elected doesn’t mean you get all “likes.”

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The president-elect may be winning hearts and minds, scoring points in a meeting with Ravens icon Ray Lewis this week.

“Forget black or white… Black or white is irrelevant. The bottom line is job creation, economic development in these urban neighborhoods,” Lewis said. “For Mr. President to step up there and say ‘I’m going to do that,’ that means everything.”

But our new CBS poll finds only 34-percent of those polled think Donald Trump will be a “very good” or “good” president — 23-percent say “average” and 36-percent say “poor.”

“The polling does not suggest Americans are yet ready to put the 2016 campaign behind them,” said Anthony Salvanto, elections director, CBS News.

Right now, 62-percent of all Americans and 87-percent of Republicans see Trump as an instrument of change.

A news conference scheduled for Thursday on his business was postponed, and asked whether his business relationships create a conflict of interest, 59-percent say “yes” and 38-percent say “no.”

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Seventy-percent don’t think putting his family in charge will solve it.

When asked if Trump will mostly further the interests of the people or his family and business, half said the people.

Along party lines, 86-percent of Republicans say “the people” and 73-percent of Democrats say “family and business.”

And is Trump on Twitter too much, too little, just right? Sixty-percent said “too much” — mostly Democrats and Independents.

Those tweets do, however, tell us what he’s thinking, since there has been no news conference since the election. No president-elect has waited longer.

The transition team says there will be a news conference in January.

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