By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers will take another look at the state’s domestic violence laws when the General Assembly convenes next month.

Neshante Davis and her two-year-old were ambushed by the baby’s father, who confessed to shooting them both while Davis was buckling their child into her car seat. He said he was angry about court-ordered child support.

“I want awareness to come from it, education to come from it — I want to be able to save someone,” said Neshanna Turner, victim’s sister.

Turner is on a new task force charged with finding solutions to an epidemic of domestic abuse.

In March of this year, a bill expanding protections won the support of the former wife of the D.C. sniper, John Muhammad, who went on a killing spree to make killing her look like another random shooting.

The task force met for the first time Thursday to focus on priorities.

“The goal of the task force is bringing together everyone under one umbrella so that we can have one clearinghouse, we can know where to put state funds where it would be more helpful,” said Senator Anthony Muse, (D) Prince George’s County.

New Maryland laws expanding the definition of stalking and harassment went into effect in October.

The new stalking law includes actions intended to cause serious emotional distress, like phone calls or social media posts.


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