Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for the Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike joined Ed, Rob and Bruce to give out his grades to the Ravens in a 27-26 win over the Eagles in their home finale.

Mike started by grading the performance of Joe Flacco giving him a C- saying “Another day another average effort from Joe Flacco…his interception late in the game almost cost the Ravens.” Mike went on to give the offensive line a grade of C+ and the running backs a grade of B+. As for the receivers Mike gave them a grade of C- saying “frustration has set in among this group…they are starting to alligator arm some of Flacco’s passes, and they want bigger roles in the offense.”

When Mike turned his attention to the defense he started with the defensive line giving them a D saying “nose tackle Brandon Williams finished with six tackles, but a lot of those were downfield, after a 3 or 4 yard gains.” Mike then went on to give the linebackers a grade of D saying “inside linebackers Zachary Orr and C.J. Mosley got mashed inside…Orr couldn’t get off blocks and at times was fully consumed by Eagles linemen.” To finish up the defense Mike gave the secondary a grade of B+.

Finally Mike gave the special teams a grade of B and the coaching staff received a D+.


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