Clifton Brown covers the Ravens and writes a column for Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic.

Cliff joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Ravens and their big match-up on Christmas Day against the Steelers.

Cliff started by talking about the Ravens run defense facing Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers on Sunday saying “no question Bell has had over 100 yards in 4 of his last 5 games and is obviously one of the best running backs in football, the Ravens struggled against the Eagles maybe showing some signs of slowing down…the Steelers have won five straight if the Ravens can pull this one out it will be the biggest win of the year.” As for the Ravens chances against the Steelers in this late December game Cliff said “the Ravens are going to have to play their best game of the year to win this one.”

Cliff also talked about match-ups within the game to look for on Sunday including the Ravens pass offense against the Steelers improving young secondary.


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