Brandon Krisztal is an executive producer and reporter for Denver Sports 760.

Brandon joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Denver Broncos and recent reports that they’re having big time locker room troubles.

Brandon started by talking about what’s happening in the broncos locker room saying “I think there are a couple of layers to it when you talk about locker room strife…the defense week in week out they hold teams in check, they held Tom Brady to 16 points and kept LeGarrette Blount in check.” Then Brandon went on to talk about the offensive side of the locker room and who is to blame saying “when you flip to the offensive side there have been some inconsistencies and it’s not all Trevor Siemian’s fault, in some ways it’s John Elway’s fault.”

Brandon went on to talk about the way the AFC West is changing and what roster decisions the Broncos will face this off-season.


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