BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Johns Hopkins Hospital will pay nearly $200 million dollars to victims of a doctor who secretly videotaped their exams. Victims of Dr. Nikita Levy are just now receiving letters with their settlement amounts. But some are not happy with the way settlement amounts were awarded.

Investigators say for years Johns Hopkins OBGYN Doctor Nikita Levy used hidden cameras to secretly record his patients during exams.
“He delivered my daughter, so of course, he’s in all the pictures that we took,” says one patient.
One victim– who didn’t want to be identified says she is still dealing with trust issues three years later.
“I was confused. I was upset. I was emotional,” she says.
She’s one of 8,500 women involved In a class action lawsuit against Johns Hopkins, which has agreed to pay out $190 million dollars.
Still, some victims tell WJZ, they are not happy with the way the money has been divided.
Court documents obtained by WJZ show victims were categorized based on damages and emotional distress, the impact on their lives, and individual vulnerability.
“We considered their experience with Dr. Levy, the duration of their treatment and the inappropriate comments and touching,” says Judge Irma Raker, case claims adjudicator.
The payouts range from $17,000 dollars for patients with no negative experiences to 26 thousand for women with severe abuse.
Dr. Nikita Levy Lawsuit Settlement
Meanwhile, lawyers were awarded $32 Million dollars in fees. Claims adjudicator Judge Irma Raker says she and a panel interviewed all the victims.
“My obligation was to divide the money in a fair and equitable so that everyone received compensation,” says Raker.
Still– some victims say that compensation isn’t enough.
“A woman who dropped coffee in her lap, is compensated millions of dollars and here I’m dealing with something that is going to impact me for the rest of my life,” says the former patient of Dr. Levy.
Some of those victims now planning an appeal. A suspicious co-worker reported Dr. Nikita Levy to hospital officials. He committed suicide before the investigation was complete.
According to court documents— victims are being warned accepting the settlement could impact their social security, Medicaid or section eight housing vouchers.

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