Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for Baltimore Sun sports section.

Mike grades the different aspects of the Ravens performance in every game, every week.

Mike started by grading the performance of quarterback Joe Flacco giving him a C and saying “Flacco completed 32 of 49 passes for 267 yards but he had a QB rating of only 70.7.” Mike then turned his attention to the offensive line giving them a grade of C- and the running backs picked up a grade of B. The wide receivers were graded with a C and Mike said “Perriman is only a vertical threat who gets open on go routes, slants and crossing patterns. He might hurt himself running a comeback route.”

When it came time to grade the defense Mike started with the line giving them a D saying “the Bengals rushed for 153 yards, and by the fourth quarter the Ravens were getting very little push up front. This group faded down the final stretch of the season.” Mike then gave the linebackers a grade of D- and the secondary also picked up a D- with Mike saying “the Ravens cornerbacks gave the Bengals receivers too much room, and they also came up slow as far as tackling, especially on the quick screens to outside receivers.”

Finally Mike graded the Ravens special teams with a C+ and the final grade for the coaching staff was an F.


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