Brian McFarland handles the Ravens salary cap and organizational analysis for Russell Street Report.

Brian joined Ed and Rob to talk about all the questions surrounding the Ravens as they head to the 2017 off-season.

Brian started by talking about if the Ravens will have to make some shrewd moves with veterans to help their cap saying “yes I would certainly think so, right now once they resign their practice squad guys and restricted free agents which have some interesting decision among themselves they’ll have about 4 million under the cap…so they’ll have to make some decisions in some cases easy ones and in some cases harder decisions.” Ed followed up that answer by inquiring whether or not Elvis Dumervil could be one of those cap casualties with Brian saying “Yeah he is definitely one of those guys at the top of their list, it’s a 6 million cap savings which is substantial given what you got from him last year.”

Brian went on to talk about a couple of other guys who could be cap casualties most of which came from the secondary including names like Kyle Arrington, Kendrick Lewis and Shareece Wright. Brian also finished up by talking about what kind of moves the Ravens will be able to make this off-season to improve their roster.


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