BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New plans to bring thousands of new jobs to Baltimore City. With the highest unemployment rates. Maryland’s Governor and Baltimore City’s Mayor are trying to solve the problem by cutting taxes and investing in training. It’s their way of getting and keeping jobs in Baltimore.

With the recreation of Rec Pier Hotel is still under construction in Fells Point, but bartender Crystal Nowack, who’s looking for work, has already applied for a job here.

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“When you find one it’s hard to keep. Everything changes over. Everybody’s selling. Running out of money,” says Nowack.

Alex Chalpin has been on 16 job interviews.

“I’ve talked about trying to find a job down here, but in the medical world it’s sometimes not that quite simple,” he says.

And he’s not alone. The state’s unemployment is just over four percent, and Baltimore City’s unemployment rate is higher at about six percent.

“We have a couple areas of the state that need to catch up with the rest of us,” says Hogan

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Governor Larry Hogan announced the 2017 Maryland Jobs Initiative, which will include legislation with incentives for job-creation and invests $5 million dollars in education and job-training.

The plan waives all state taxes for 10 years, for any manufacturing company that comes to Maryland, increases the number of P-Tech schools, funding for the Workforce Quality Program, cyber-job training, and tax credits for cyber-security investments.

“The legislation will also include tax incentives for current employers who create additional jobs in areas with high unemployment, like Baltimore City.”

Mayor Catherine Pugh tells WJZ, she’s eager to get people working.

“We’ve got to do a better job of making sure we tie every opportunity that happens into Baltimore for jobs for people who live in this city,” says Pugh.

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The governor is making a big push for cyber technology jobs. He says he believes that’s where the jobs are. The general assembly has reviewed and failed to pass similar proposals in the past. But this proposal is receiving bi-partisan support.