BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City’s Police Union is sounding the alarm because they say the department is in crisis due to the fact that it has too few officers.

According to a new report, there are more than 100 fewer Baltimore City PD officers than last year, with the union saying this poses a safety concern as officers are being overworked.

The police union president calls the situation “dire.”

“You get in a crisis mode like we’re in right now with crime out of control and not enough uniformed officers on the street,” said Lt. Gene Ryan, president of the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police. “I would say it’s at a crisis point.”

Police would not comment, but plan to the address the union’s blunt criticism on Friday.

In an interview last week, the commissioner struck an optimistic tone.

“We have a hyper focus in 2017 to get us to a better place come this time next year,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Some believe specialized units may be the problem.

“The rank and file believe that all these specialized units that have been created under this commissioner is what’s depleting patrol,” said Lt. Ryan.

WJZ’s Mike Hellgren found that there are 2,528 sworn officers, with 999 assigned to neighborhood patrols.

In the past year, the total number of officers is down 118, with 103 fewer officers on neighborhood beats.

“You don’t have enough police officers to patrol the streets safely protecting themselves, much less protecting the citizens of Baltimore,” said Lt. Ryan.

Baltimore ended last year with the second highest number of murders per capita in the city’s history.

Daphne Alston co-founded Mothers of Murdered sons after the killing of her own son.

“Nobody has the right to take each other’s life,” said Alston.

She believes the problem goes beyond fewer cops.

“I don’t think it’s the numbers we need to be focusing on. We need to be focusing on the quality of policing,” said Alston. “What we’re seeing now is the bomb that has exploded. it’s been building up for a long, long time…We have got to change the focus of our children and our family situations. it’s not a police problem.”

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Comments (154)
  1. I used to care about the plight of the cities.
    After 8 years of being called the most horrid things by the Dem party, watching as inner city pulls people from cars, beats them bloody, chases white kids down and beats them, ect, ect than they call ME racist and n-zi?
    You know what? TS.
    You made your bed, sleep in it.

    1. Reap what you sow democrats, reap what you sow…

    2. Homer Wilson says:

      Baltimore is a wild unsafe jungle zone not fair to policework.

    3. Frank Muller says:

      All chocolate cities are failing.

      1. Dan Raidt says:

        Because they all are Demorat controlled

    4. Detroit part 2.. what did all you people expect would happen under black leadership and I use that word in the loosest terms.

    5. Mike Deal says:

      I watched 60 minutes segment on Police in Chicago. Although not Baltimore the issue is the same. I watched in amusment and sadness as now citizens are blaming police for not being agressive and simply reacting to 911 calls. The same segment showed gangs filming police as other gangmembers were trying to provoke responses. Your comments were spot on. No cop wants to be the next viral video or police funeral. It’s choice time for the local citizens. Do you choose violent crime or those who stand between you and those intent on violence?

    6. dtahan says:

      Spot on, sir. I avoid the cities let them rot in their own bilge.

    7. Mark Myers says:

      Sadly, you are so right. Even more sadly, the people who are most affected under the destructive influence of the Democrat Party tend to be its most loyal knee jerk enthusiasts. I would feel sorry for them, except that’s what you get when you don’t educate yourself about the real root causes of poverty and instead listen to the sycophants in the MSM and the constant name calling left.

  2. time to stop caring about crime ridden leftwing run cities who don’t care about anything except how much Federal welfare money they can get.

    1. It’s so obvious that white men build cities and black men destroy them.. the truth is the truth and shouldn’t be considered racist when the evidence supports it.

  3. There are more than 100 fewer Baltimore City PD officers than last year, before the Mayor said that rioters needed room to destroy? Imagine that! Hmm.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Seriously. Who wants to work in Mogadishu, Maryland? Any city run by liberal affirmative action leadership is doomed to become a primitive war zone.

      1. Mark Myers says:

        … and whackjobs like the totally unqualified mayor, prosecutor (who deserves to be disbarred – except she won’t be in the People’s Republic of Maryland) and the city council.

  4. Gene Smith says:

    I spent 21 years policing in a city of 350,000 so I know a bit about the topic, but I cannot figure out why any thinking o\person would desire to be a cop in a hell-hole where the mayor and prosecutor are out and out racists who hate cops.

    When someone arrests and charges that mayor and prosecutor for their racist misconduct you will find it much easier to recruit officers. But until those two snags are behind bars it will be hard to do.

    1. That’s the damned, pathetic truth…

  5. More left wing success stories from the democratic Utopia of Baltimore. Hope and Change in action

  6. John Fogarty says:

    Hard to believe, no one wants to be a cop in the rat hole known as Baltimore City. Maybe it’s the criminals outnumber the cops and the City States Attorney is an incompetent racist.

  7. Bill Kilgore says:

    The Democratic utopia of Baltimore. Right up there with Chicago, LA, Milwaukee, Detroit etc as examples of what liberalism can do to once great cities.

  8. Bob Peirson says:

    Destroy you city, destroy your state, elect democrats. It worked well for the destruction of America.

  9. cpisearey says:

    It’s amazing to me that the article does not mention at all about the riots and how Baltimore cops were/are being targeted by both the government and the criminals! Almost like it doesn’t exist. Are you kidding me? That is why the problem will not be solved. Until the liberal city government and liberal/biased media get their heads out of the sand, and acknowledge the real problem, their plans are destined to fail.

  10. Patrol is the backbone of any crime prevention effort. The problem of scavenging patrol to staff specialized units is not new, thanks to chiefs with little foresight.

  11. Props to the cops but I don’t know how anyone would be crazy enough to want to eat bullets for those who want to feed them to you. Firemen either. If Baltimore wants to burn, and it seems to, who can stop it? Who would?

  12. Lock up the police in jail until they agree to do their jobs.

    1. ?, its the city managers who created this environment of fear to be a cop? The cops should all find other jobs where people appreciate them and leave Baltimore to the hell hole that it is.

    2. This not the fascist state you are looking for.

    3. Give badges and cuffs to community organizers and bring it on.

    4. Lock up the police! Joe, were you trying to to be funny, sarcastic, or what?

  13. The blame goes to the black culture, black genetics that lead to criminality and aggressiveness (fact, look it up) and the pandering policies of the democrats for over 60 years.

  14. Jack Steffen says:

    Why would anyone want to be a cop in an anti-police hellhole like Baltimore???

  15. This is what happens when your city chastises police at every turn and sides with BLM over the police. If you want to back the Thugs then you will put them in charge. Good Luck Baltimore, I no longer visit your city because of how bad things are. We used to frequent inner harbor and Camden yards but never again.

  16. Jack Pod says:

    Considering the current political structure, no sane person would apply for a job with the Baltimore Police Dept.

  17. I hope all the cops leave. let the Black Looters Matter animals have the city and get the immigrates to build a wall around it. Come back in five years after the vultures have picked all the bones clean and bulldoze everything over.

  18. When the police profession is reviled and castigated in the MSM, who in their right mind would want to pursue a career in this field? Blame Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and the Black Lives Matter movement for directly causing this problem.

  19. John Oakman says:

    Send ammo to dem bros—let dem games begin.

  20. Paull Cudak says:

    The Dems steered all of their supporters into the Ghetto Cities they manage, now they don’t know what to do with them!

  21. What a BS article that fails to mention the anti-cop hatred in that city, and the black racist idiots who run it including that DA and mayor. No rational person would want to be a cop there and have the DA railroad you on false charges while the mayor sucks up to rioters. Obama’s America. Thank God it is ending.

  22. Black lives matter – So get out their BLM and fix the issue. You got rid of the cops, now you can police it up.

  23. Ralph Evans says:

    “I don’t think it’s the numbers we need to be focusing on. We need to be focusing on the quality of policing,”
    Could the violence of the city dwellers have anything to do with it?

  24. It couldn’t be because of little things like the Baltimore Sun blocking the word ‘thugs’ in the comment section while the word ‘pigs’ gets a pass could it? Who in their right mind would risk their lives or sanity to try to police a black urban ghetto especially considering the racist city ‘leadership’? Yet another Obama legacy and case of ‘progressivism’ run amok.

  25. liberalism is a mental disorder

  26. You Shipped (you know the word) your bed and now you have to sleep in it. Who wants to be a cop in a city that your own Mayor and City Council holds the Police in contempt.

  27. No big surprise. If your a cop, especially a white one in Baltimore your a target.

  28. I saw the series “The Wire” and the real thing is much worse. I wouldn’t be a cop either! Especially when the mayor and all the elites try to blame all this on you! FORGET THAT!

    After the Orioles locked everybody in the stadium during you wonderful black riots, I’m sure attendance had hit the skids as well. I’d never go back! AREN’T YOU GLAD YOU BUILT CAMDEN YARDS IN THE CITY?

  29. Fed Up says:

    Were I running the police unions I’d quietly order the forces to stand down in those neighborhoods where reside the city’s elites and other liberals who think subversion and social strife are fun and games. I’d drag my feet on protecting phony celebrities, politicians and other so-called “leaders” who promote and glorify the worst violence while pontificating on its causes and effects. They can only because they live apart in the toney, gated enclaves and exclusive towers they claim to detest and also take for granted protection from the danger by the same thin blue line they work to destroy.

    Likewise would I order a stand down in the warrens, like those in Baton Rouge, from which all the violence and criminality originates. I certainly wouldn’t encourage my members to risk their lives in those places protecting thugs and animals that will turn on you in an instant. Of course, they will have at it and bloody chaos will ensue there but that’s timeless and just a matter of degree, not kind.

    Pretty soon the latter will learn it is open season on the former and thus administer a harsh lesson in reality to our above-it-all libs. They will learn that social peace and security does not rain down from the heavens but must be enforced by stern men and women who keep watch and are prepared to do for us what we cannot, or will not, do for ourselves. Far more than that, they are prepared to risk themselves to protect us.

    But I would beef up protection in the middle and working class neighborhoods of decent people who truly appreciate law enforcement, whose sons and daughters are those keeping watch and who are truly the innocent ones squeezed between the faux radicals above and their noble savages below.

  30. Suibne Geilt says:

    ARREST Low Retta Lynch for Dereliction of DUTY

  31. No problem. Send all of the black politicians and Nation of Islam heroes out to police Baltimore’s streets. Any cops with an ounce of sense are just treading water until they hit the magic retirement number or simply punching out leaving all of those animals to wallow in their own waste. You will reap that which you sow!

  32. gavinwca says:

    Obola’s goals met again. No white cops left in Baltimore Md . What police officer ( especially a white one) would work in that anti-white people, Racist government. Good luck Baltimore go ahead and hire the felons in the hood to be your police officers. See how that works for you.

  33. Rick LaBonte says:

    No one in their right mind would want to be a cop in a city where drug dealing murderers are in charge of everything – including the jails. That’s the Democrat party at its best.

  34. Obama/Jarrett/Lynch/Holder Dept Of ‘Just Us’ on violent crime:
    Black on black: Culture.
    White on black: Hate crime.
    Black on white: Honky had it coming.
    Black on cop: Social justice.

    It will be a great day for America when Presdident Trump takes office and starts clearing the Soros/Obama/Jarrett/Lynch stench from our government and our nation.

  35. Gill Nosh says:

    It is a combination of things from de-policing spurred on by Democrats’ political agenda (cultural Marxism) and single parent families where children are taught by their mothers to make bad decisions with very bad consequences. Senator Barack Obama said:

    We know the statistics – that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison.

  36. Mike Arvand says:

    You did this to yourselves, and Obama did this to you as well. Stop hating on the cops, stop throwing them under the bus, and let them do their jobs – and maybe you’ll have more officers. Or you can have total anarchy and thugs running random on the streets. Youre choice. Baltimore’s elected can be the lords of the flies – or they can preside over a city of law and order. Their call.

  37. I love it. The Radical Dems have been destroying society, work ethic, the concept of moral values and self determination for decades and have created welfare gulags where functioning cities used to be. S_ck on it Dems !! No assistance to the Dem “Sanctuary” Hellholes until they crumble to the ground. You Dem voters, you built it.

  38. Paul King says:

    63% black population. 74% born out of wedlock. Not a cop problem.

  39. Notice not a thing said in the article about the Mayor and City Council attacking the police and siding with BLM?

    And they wonder what the problem is…

  40. OH WeLL, Democrats leave a lasting legacy of death and destruction

  41. Homer Wilson says:

    Baltimore is a unsafe jungle zone with that wild lady mayor. Why would any police officer work in that Somalia like jungle atmosphere. Police deserve to be protected everyday. Ever wonder why all american cities under black control are a mess and unsafe???? DUH?

  42. John Wilson says:

    Not enough cops in Baltimore, eh?

    Can’t imagine why that might be….

    It’s a mystery.

  43. This was predictable! Why would anyone want to work for the thugs who run Baltimore.

  44. Ed Cole says:

    The *union* can file a grievance directly with the DNC, Obama, the Lib Baltimore and MD state mayor, governor, and every Dem member of their state and federal legislatures. While they’re at it, cc: George Soros, too, since he’s the primary bankroller of BLM. Baltimore’s police shortage is due to all the aforementioned people and organizations vilifying law enforcement non-stop for the last 8+ years. You can’t throw cops under the bus, tie their hands so that whenever they do the job you hired them to do, they’re prosecuted and convicted in either real court or the court of MSM-and-Obama-incited public opinion, and then cry because no one wants to work for you as a cop anymore.

  45. Frank Muller says:

    You have your room to destroy. Have fun with that!

  46. Anybody that applies for a Baltimore PD job is suicidal & psychologically unqualified to be a cop.

  47. Carl Ball says:

    been reading the responses and all are on point when you have no respect from the people you supposedly help including the people running the city! what cop would want to work in a atmosphere like that! you people made your own bed so sleep on it! you want to know how to fix it get your behinds out on those streets and clean up your own community instead of expecting others to clean up the mess’s you cause! not racist it’s the truth! that’s in all 50 states or in obama’s 57

  48. One day, there will be no cops to count on. Baltimore will be left to its own devices. Can you imagine a burnt down city?

  49. Don Rhudy says:

    I am a southerner and westerner, spending most of my life in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas, when I wasn’t traveling throughout the USA. I wasn’t taught not to give a damn about eastern people. I had to learn it through association with them. Maryland? Who gives a damn? Not me. They’re getting what they created through their embrace of socialist ideology.

  50. 100 % democrat controlled city government should not expect the federal government to offer any financial assistance. No one black or white wants to be a cop in Baltimore.

  51. Tommy Lewis says:

    Who would want to be a COP in a democrat controlled City with the threat of being sued because someone thought that they were disrespected? I wouldn’t. I would just consolidate the street patrols and patrol those areas that want you and leave the rest to the street gangs. After all this is what is happening in Boston, Detroit, Chicago, N.Y., etc. Pathetic.

  52. Don Beck says:

    They addressed everything except the real issues, of course. The whole Freddie Grey cop persecution of the officers involved, the abject lack of support from the Mayors office and the District Attorneys office was devastating on morale. The other biggest problem is the population of Baltimore has a massive portion of it that reject the normal sense of decency and humanity of civilized society. Their behavior and lack of work ethics, drove off many businesses so their employment situation became worse for even those trying to work. They ruined their city by being wild animals. Who wants to police wild animals, especially ungrateful, hateful wild animals, who are released after capture time and time and time again. You do your job, get bit, peed and pooed on daily, and are destroyed if you defend yourself. Just build a fence around the city, and leave it to its own devices.

  53. Bart Drennon says:

    Everyone seems to know what the problems is in Baltimore except the people who rule it.

  54. Kurt Smith says:

    I can see why no white cop would want to work there. That is a very threatening and racist environment for them, with very little support. But why aren’t there more black applicants signing up to fill the voids?

  55. Baltimore City Hall has gone after cops like it was open season on them, yet told same to stand down when rioters were looting and burning businesses to the ground. They have sown the wind. Let them now reap the whirlwind.

  56. Mark Mullins says:

    The blame for this lies directly on Barack Obama, that nincompoop of a prosecutor Mosby and that worthless Mayor.
    When you focus your enforcement of law through the prism of race, favoring the criminal and turn on your protectors, they tend to disappear.

  57. How much money do you suppose this police union gave to the Marilyn Mosby election campaign?

  58. Patrick Hope says:

    Why are there ANY police still there? Get out while you still live. Transfer to a police force in another jurisdiction. Let Baltimore City die.

  59. What person in their right mind would become a police officer in Obama’s Alice in Wonderland America where good is bad, black is white, up is down!

  60. Jim Temple says:

    I wonder if President Obama will acknowledge this as part of his legacy?

  61. Blackimore, Chicongo and Mexifornia: Obama’s ‘legacy’.

  62. Mark Todd says:

    i don’t blame them, you would have to be a complete moron to be cop in that city with an absolutely idiot as a mayor and the attorney general being a racist, moronic, unqualified, mentally stunned disgrace who is in so far over her head the surface is miles above her.

  63. Morey Ladini says:

    Unfair! Without cops, and more sentencing, how will each gang member get their own chance to impregnate more staffers at the Baltimore city jail?

  64. Haiti
    It’s almost as if there is some sort of pattern or something

  65. Con Nod says:

    911 Operator: ‘What Is Your Emergency?”

    Caller: “I am under gunfire from 3 shooters! Hurry!!”

    911 Operator: “What is your location?”

    Caller: “We are in the Wendy’s on Elm Street! Hurry!!”

    911 Operator: …………..

    Caller: “Hey, is anybody there????? Help!!!!”

    911 Operator: click……

  66. krew09 says:

    really no surprise,who wants to be a cop in a black city? Certainly not the stupid liberals and Jews who constantly push equality…even blacks don’t want to be cops in black neighborhoods..

  67. Prolly take another couple hundred years for blacks to integrate into a civilized society. But only after the democrat party is thoroughly dismantled and replaced with a non-corrupt organization seeking to keep the entire culture family free and dependent on the fed.

  68. Bob Allen says:

    It looks like the Democratic leadership of Baltimore has successfully transformed their city into a liberal utopia rivaling Detroit. Congratulations, Dems 🙂

  69. Maybe Trump can build a wall around Baltimore so nobody can leave.

  70. What do they expect? The mayor, governor, and the president of the United States threw them under the bus!

  71. Throw a fence around that shart-hole and let the natives burn it down around themselves.

  72. The problem isn’t with the police, it is with who they are policing. You cannot name one town, one city, one county, one Parrish, one state or one country where the population of black people is over 40% and they are peaceful and prosperous.

  73. Rog Schultzy says:

    How can this story be written without mention of Black Lives Matter Riots!

  74. Simple solution, only patrol white areas as no matter what you do in black areas you will be wrong. Nothing ever satisfies these leftist savages.

  75. Mike Deal says:

    This seems like a perfect opportunity for people of color to step up, join the force and be paid to help your community. My guess is that will never happen.

    1. John Sorger says:

      Announcing a new policy: For every felony that is committed in Baltimore everyone on welfare and EBT loses $10.

  76. John Medina says:

    Liberal cities are quickly becoming ungovernable.

  77. Red says:

    I just cant imagine why.

  78. jasonn13 says:

    After the way Baltimore treats its police officers they are lucky to have ANY left at all.

  79. Duckhomie says:

    Sorry, when they start caring, I just might start caring.

  80. Brian Smyth says:

    Apparently, more liberals are now buying guns for protection. If you have a liberal friends be sure to show them where the safety is before they hurt themselves.

  81. Who couldn’t have predicted this? With the target that has been painted on their back, who would want to be a copy today? With the feckless and spineless support of mayors like Rawlings and DAs like Moseby, who would want to be a cop in Baltimore? There is little benefit to being a Baltimore (or any big city) cop. There are few jobs in America that are appreciated less and treated worse.

  82. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  83. Red Byrd says:

    I wants one a dem jobs fer sure. never been there and don’t know way round but I wants good pay and bennies and a map showing all the donut shops and I’ll show up for the action in time to call the hearse….oops I mean ambulance. promise to never shoot anyone or write any tickets or abuse any of the homies!

  84. What officer in their right mind would want to work in that Black Lives Matter and police lives don’t matter city?

  85. Why would anyone in their right mind join the Baltimore City Police Department? They are underpaid, abandoned by their political bosses, left to be criminally charged by the wolves of the Prosecutors Office for doing their job, left with poor infrastructure and equipment, attacked by the thugs of Baltimore and are the target of an ambush by the lovely citizens of Baltimore. So you’d have to be nuts to join the Baltimore City Police Department. What does that say about those who are newly hired by the City of be policemen? You now have crazy policemen on the streets with guns.

  86. You can always tell when ole pizza face “Drudge” and the alt right media links to an article. It brings all the staunch police can do no wrong supporters out of the woodwork. Usually whites who live far far away from anything resembling a city. I see all these people making comments supporting the police no matter what they do. Whether it be choking a guy to death for selling loose cigarettes in New York, or shooting a guy in the back as he fled in South Carolina and then planting evidence of a larger crime and then somehow getting a hung jury over one lone hold out on the jury. Probably a white person. Or maybe it is shooting a man to death in his car in front of his daughter when he is reaching for his ID in Minnesota. Or may be it is shooting a guy in the back and killing him while holding your knee on his back in Louisiana. Maybe it’s shooting a 13 year old holding a toy gun in Cleveland less then 10 seconds after arriving on the scene while you are shielded behind your car door 20 yards away. Watch the video. They killed that boy almost instantly after arriving. Sure the prosecutors did not have the evidence to get a conviction in Baltimore in the Freddie Gray case, but that doesn’t mean some of those cops did not commit a crime. I live in Baltimore and I don’t think those cops were all in cahoots with each other – especially Alicia White and a couple others, but the man was screaming for a doctor and a couple of the cops and the driver did nothing about it. Doesn’t matter if he had a history of lying to go to the hospital. He can lie a hundred times. You have to treat each situation as unique.

    1. You have your wish, the police are standing down. So now go take care of your communities without racist police interference.

  87. F__k them,they hate the cops,let them kill and eat each other for all I care,let them wallow in the filth that they have made

  88. John Sorger says:

    The cities don’t need cops, they need zookeepers to manage the animals in the Democrat Zoo.

  89. John Sorger says:

    The welfare state has become a black criminal breeding mill and it’s time to end it. Repeal the welfare state and the restore the two-parent family and this chimpocalypse will cease.

  90. John Sorger says:

    When whites leave, modern civilization leaves with them.

  91. Look at their past couple mayors and the current DA.. And people wonder why there’s a ongoing decline in the number of police? They’re faced with hostile action on the streets and from those who are supposed to have their backs. Don’t forget these people have to put on body armor everyday they walk out to door to work.

    1. Let’s not forget being a police officer and serving in the armed forces is a choice. No one is sticking a gun to your head and saying be a cop, be a soldier. If you feel it’s too dangerous a profession then get a less dangerous job, maybe at your local jiffy lube changing oil. You don’t hear about people working or shopping at Jiffy Lube getting shot at and killed.

  92. caffeineator says:

    Who in the HELL wants to be a police officer anywhere. I worked for the City of San Jose hiring police and fire. I interviewed those guys and couldn’t understand why they wanted to work the streets for the peanuts they were paid. The ones I met, which was every one, simply wanted to serve the community. They put their lives on the line every day. For what? It is worse today. The cops are getting shot every week. They get a bunch of black mothers crying about how their wacko crooked sons are getting shot for trying to take out an officer and the liberal media jumps on the cops. Forget it. Baltimore? Give those black mothers a pistol and let them solve the crime problems. I love cops. If it wasn’t for cops, I’d have to get an M16 to walk to the local movie theater. My wife and daughter carry Beretta Tomcats anyway. I drive with a S/W .38 tucked away between the seats. Without the cops I’d be wearing body armor and dragging the M16 around. Who would stop me?

    1. If they wanted to truly serve the community that is honorable and commendable. But far too many of the ones I have had encountered in the past suffer from what I call a “Trump Complex”. They seem to get off and having power over others and having the power to do to other whatever they want and know there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Even to kill someone and in the past knowing they most likely would get away with it. “Hey he was reaching for a gun.” I feared for my life. How do you argue that the person was not reaching for a gun? They are probably dead. You think the cop who shot the guy in the back in South Carolina after he got out of his car and started running had any idea someone was filming him with a smartphone. Then he planted a gun, and argued he “feared for his life” and some idiot on the jury bought that argument and got a hung jury. I think this problem is a problem that has bubbled up over the decades of police doing pretty much what they want in the minority community and the minorities having little or no recourse. I just had the police at my house a month ago and I live in Baltimore and the first thing he said is you are on Police Body Cam and it is being recorded. He acted the nicest I’ve ever seen a cop act. Perhaps it was because he knew both himself and me were on film. BTW – I’ve never acted anything but respectful with a police officer anytime in the past. But I think minorities in the inner cities have had decades of bad encounters with the police. Last year was just the boiling point. A local lawyer here in Baltimore said something I found ironic. He said when white people encounter the police they encounter “Officer Friendly”. When black people encounter the police they encounter “Officer Unfriendly”. I think if you ask most blacks they will tell you they are tired of encountering “Officer Unfriendly”.

  93. For the love of God people!… Stop… voting… for… Democrats.

  94. Baltimore Liberal Logic:
    Black’s Riot
    Destroying Black Businesses
    After Black Guy Dies in Police Custody
    With 3 Black Police Officers
    In A 43% Black Police Department
    With a Black Chief of Police
    Under A Black Female Mayor
    With A Black Female State Attorney
    In A City Ruled By Democrats for Over 50 Years
    With the First Black Female US Attorney General
    Appointed By The First Black President
    And they all BLAME RACISM

  95. I’m sor…Hahahaha…i’m sad…Hahahaha. I wish we could all just…Hahhahahha. Never mind. I can’t even type it.

  96. luxomni says:

    Baltimore? There isn’t enough money.

  97. Baltimore has become a city run by people who hate civil government, allow the thugs to run their streets, and then punish the police for doing their job to bring greater civility. My question is why anyone would want to put their lives on the line for such a government and the people who elect it?

  98. Maybe the cops should sit in their situation room/office and monitor the situation like obama and Hillary. Just blame the riots and murders on a video. The left wing media will praise your greatness.

  99. I grew up in Baltimore not too far from where the riots were centered. As 9-10 year olds we rode our bikes through there and no one worried about us. We were safe. I remember shopping with my Mother in what are now no-go zones. I can’t say I know what everyone’s thoughts were, but we all seemed to get along. Baltimore also had the best schools in the state.
    When we were a little older and standing in front of the drug store drinking our fountain sodas, police officers would stop to see what we were up to. That was their job to know what was going on. They’d tell us to move along and we said “Yes Sir” and found somewhere else to hang out.
    The one question I have is “What happened?” Do you think a politician today would give you a straight, honest answer? Or would it just be silly platitudes and PC nonsense?

  100. “…103 fewer…”. Hey that’s what the BLMers and people of Baltimore have said they want. Fewer cops. Now they got what they wished for. Can’t understand why anyone would want to be a cop in Baltimore.

  101. My guess is that of the police officers that are left a disproportionate number are older veterans who are closer to getting their pensions. They have an incentive to stay. And a greater incentive to stay safe and to be extra careful. These are the ones most likely to avoid situations where they put themselves in danger. They are just monitors and not active officers. Who can blame them?

  102. Will David says:

    couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the prosecutor’s betrayal of the police there, could it?

  103. Tom Ronson says:

    Listen to them whine. Baltimore itself is at fault for being politically correct to these black thugs in BLM and letting them do as they please. It is too dangerous to be a cop in that city, so no one applies and the ones who do apply thugs themselves.
    If the cops had moved on these BLM criminals, when they were looting the city and busted some heads and arrested the who group, things might be different.
    Stew in your own juices people. You deserve it..

  104. Baltimore City police should be assigned to the tax paying neighborhoods first. Let the thugs and low lives fin for themselves or bring in the military to patrol those neighborhoods.