BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Some good news to report, as Falcon, a missing three-legged dog who ran away from BWI baggage claim, has been found safe.

The family tells WJZ’s Devin Bartolotta that Falcon was found near where he was reported missing. He had a vet checkup Thursday, and aside from a little dehydration, he’ll be fine.

Erin Bailey, his new adopted mom, is hoping the dog who has cheated death twice never repeats his great adventure.

“She said they found him and he’s okay. I started to cry,” said Bailey.

Bailey recently adopted Falcon, and planned to pick him up Saturday night at BWI, along with her husband, who was home from Afghanistan for just three days.

Before Bailey got a chance to greet her new four-legged friend, Falcon bolted out of the airport’s automatic doors after slipping his collar, leaving his new family in a panic.

“All you know is that you were getting this dog and then all of the worst things at one time that could have happened, happened,” said Bailey.

Immediately, the search was on. His foster family and a trapper came all the way from Houston to help in the search for Falcon.

They searched miles of woods around BWI to help find a dog they’ll never forget.

“He’s not like any other dogs we’ve fostered,” said Angel Rodriguez, who was part of Falcon’s foster family. “He’s a special dog. I mean, he’s a three-legged dog.”

They rescued Falcon from a garbage dump as a puppy after he’d been shot at by BB guns and hit by a car, causing Falcon to have a limp arm that had to be amputated.

And after four days on the run in Baltimore, he was found burrowed in leaves under a bush.

Falcon’s new adopted family also includes another rescue dog, Franco, who was also saved from the streets of Houston.

“You’re at your house! You’re home!”

Now Falcon is home, safe and sound. With two leashes this time.

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  1. The dog has three legs, right? So how come the article calls him their “four-legged friend”?

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