BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Police are investigating after a Lansdowne High School student was attacked in her classroom during school hours by teens who were reportedly snuck into the school.

The whole thing was caught on cell phone video.

George Solis spoke exclusively with the victim and her mother who demand answers.

Both the mother and daughter are asking the same question: how could something like this occur in place you would expect to be safe? But the family says that’s not enough.

A trio of teens ambushed and beat up a student at Lansdowne High School last Friday. Police say the barrage of punches were thrown out by a 17-year-old female classmate and two other teens, a 15 -year-old girl and 13-year-old boy, who reportedly snuck inside the school.

All three of them now face assault charges. A case police call unusual.

“This is an irregular situation for students from a different school to come into Lansdowne and begin a fist fight,” said Baltimore County Police spokesperson Jennifer Peach.

Mya Parker described the violent attack she says was fueled over a failing friendship with her attacker.

“I was put in a predicament where I had to defend myself, I did swing back,” said Parker.

Parker said it was quickly broken up. She is physically OK minus a few cuts and bruises, but she’s emotionally devastated.

“I was shocked, and I was even more shocked that a boy had been involved,” she said.

Mya’s mother said what’s perhaps even more shocking how the other two teens got inside the school in the first place.

“I’m concerned and I’m disgusted.,” Mya’s mother said, “School is the one place you don’t ever think, school and church you never think you have to worry about your children.”

A school spokesperson responded in part by saying all exterior doors leading into the school should be locked during the day and that all visitors are required to check in and use the main entrance.

The school district also pointed that disciplinary against several students involved has been taken.

For Mya and her mother fear that it if it could happen once what’s to stop it from happening again?

“It’s not acceptable and I won’t let it go and it’s not just going to go away today,” said Mya’s mother.

Mya, who is a senior, says she has gone back to school although difficult as she says she doesn’t know who she can trust. They are thankful police have been able to track down her attackers.

Mya’s mother says she does plan on taking up the issue of school security at the next board of education meeting.

The three teens were also charged with trespassing.

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