BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been an extremely emotional time for some families across the country, even here in Maryland, as a 5-year-old boy was detained at Dulles International Airport following President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Some are now afraid to leave the country, wondering if they’ll be able to come back.

The 5-year-old from Maryland was later reunited with his mother at Dulles airport, after being detained.

The little boy is just one of dozens across the country to feel the effects of President Trump’s new ban.

“It’s sad,” said one traveler. “It’s, I don’t know.”

Some families were sent back overseas after landing in the U.S., while others never thought they’d see their loved ones again, including one man who waited hours for his Iranian wife.

“I don’t feel we should be discriminating,” he said.

The president’s orders have sparked protests nationwide, even at BWI airport.

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Maryland U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen said, “It is outrageous that a 5 year old boy — an American citizen and Maryland resident — was detained for more than 4 hours this evening at Dulles airport.”

While the ban has left some families feeling hopeless, one local attorney in Owings Mills is doing everything she can to deliver answers.

Sheela Murthy says her office has fielded dozens of calls from across the country from panicked immigrants who are all wondering if they’ll be allowed to return if they leave the country.

“It’s just deep, scary, sad. They are like lost and confused souls,” said Sheela Murthy, with Murthy Law Firm. “How can this country let them down? And I think all of us do need to make sure we do protect our people.”

Just days into his new role as president, Murthy says it’s hard not to wonder what steps Trump could take next.

“I think we’re very concerned about what he can do over the next month, two months, over the next 4 years, because this seems just to be the starting point,” said Murthy, who added that she’s also getting a lot of calls from college students.

Those students are in the U.S. to get an education, and they’re worried about what will happen next if they leave to visit their family.

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  1. Jack Meyers says:

    When is WJZ going to tell the full details of this story. They just didn’t stop a 5 year old citizen for no reason. Who was he traveling with? Did he have ID etc. There is much more to this story that you are not telling. WJZ can’t be trusted for the truth since your partnership with the Sun Paper

  2. Larry Motley says:

    WHO WROTE THIS TRASH? Criminally lacking in information, WHY was the 5 year old detained ?? Was he alone?? Reunited with his mother, where was she during his travels??
    FIRE the high school intern who attempted to put together something not even remotely looking like a professional news article.

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