BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After being robbed a handful of times in the past few months, one Baltimore coffee shop is no longer accepting cash to stop the robberies and keep their staff safe.

Nowadays, many people don’t carry cash in their wallets day-to-day, and at Park Cafe in Bolton Hill, cash payments are no longer on the menu.

“We’re not going to accept cash anymore,” said Park Cafe & Coffee owner David Hart. “I’m going to take that out of the equation.”

Park Cafe was robbed five times from October to January. While the armed suspect is now behind bars, those crimes pushed Hart to ditch the cash drawer altogether.

Most patrons are on board.

“I would say virtually 90 percent of them have said, ‘Listen, you needed to do what you needed to do to protect yourself and protect your staff. We will continue to support you,'” said Hart.

Hart said cash normally makes up 22 percent of Park Cafe’s revenue, but so far, they haven’t seen any change in their income since going cashless.

The coffee shop is working with a church and local pharmacy to find solutions for customers who only carry cash.

Although Park Cafe is card-only for safety reasons, cash use is on the decline nationwide, with only 10 percent of Americans now using cash only.

62 percent of people predict the U.S. will be a cashless society in their lifetime.

But there are two sides to this, as not everyone carries cards.

“I don’t use cards. I’ve seen too many of my friends that have lost everything they had with credit cards,” said one Baltimore resident.

“My mom, she doesn’t use plastic,” said Bolton Hill resident Lenora Lewis. “She still writes checks, still do cash.”

Loyola assistant professor J.P. Krahel tells WJZ’s Devin Bartolotta that a cashless society could leave some behind.

“The problem is, going cashless tends to benefit the wealthier members of society and tends to hurt the poorer ones,” said Krahel.

But for this Baltimore business, cash is taking a back seat to safety.

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  1. Do you remember when a dollar bill was redeemable in SILVER? Do you remember when you could go to a casino and get 5 silver dollars for a $5.00 bill. How things have changed and that was changed in the 1970’s as I recall.
    Now everything is going digital and you can buy stuff with electric digits. Weird?
    Now we get into the “They and the “Them” and who are “They’?
    Some of us know and our knowledge isn’t going to do us much good (for the moment) because few would believe the Truth and those SJW’s are simpletons doing their job…don’t you know? Socialist Je s Warriors.

    Guess what? Truth and Justice win this battle, this war. Some claim to have the “Secret Code to the Bible” but they don’t. It’s to simple. They know enough to fool you into thinking that going to church is what God Almighty wants from us but that’s not what He says. “Do Justly and obey my, [very simple commands] and I will set you free from those who would Baal (lord) over you. “Then you will call me “Ishi” and no longer call me Baali.”

    Haggai 1: 6 “You have sown much, [worked hard] and harvested little. You eat, but you never have enough; [because they sell you junky food] you drink, but you never have your fill. You clothe yourselves, but no one is warm. And he who earns wages does so to put them into a bag with holes.”…(illegal taxes and rules and regulations.)

  2. Suibne Geilt says:

    baltimore is just one of a hundred or so urban socialist sht holes in America….might be in the tiop ten…..the have been destroyed by race baiters and leftists…’s the worst part….IT WILL NEVER GET BETTER……NEVER…..THE DEMS NEED THAT KIND OF DISASTER TO KEEP THEIR CONSTITUENCY ENSLAVED BY IDENTITY POLITICS……its that simple kids.

    1. Got that right! Keep them in identity chains!

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  4. John Oakman says:

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  5. More liberal success stories from the democratic Utopia of Baltimore.

  6. John Crane says:

    “The problem is, going cashless tends to benefit the wealthier members of society and tends to hurt the poorer ones,” said Krahel.

    Let the dysfunctional “poor” go to McDonalds.

  7. Al Krause says:

    “The problem is, going cashless tends to benefit the wealthier members of society and tends to hurt the poorer ones,” said Krahel. ]

    More elitist nonsense, just like “voter ID is racist”. Going cashless includes ATM and EBT cards.
    I doubt there are many poor people out there without an ATM card or an EBT card.

  8. It’s ironic. Obama and liberals are silent on the 2,700 blacks who shot each other in Chicago in 2015. Blacks shoot each other like it’s an Olympic sport and Obama is silent.. Including CONSTANTLY shooting their own women and children.

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    And he wants to grab guns from white people. Keep your hands off us!

    Black shootings are unending and constant.

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  10. The problem isn’t cash. The problem is níggers, and everyone knows it.

  11. More great news from Black lib controlled charm city. Folks used to expect government to enable them to function in safety. Now they recognize that they must protect themselves, local dem governments are to busy protecting black criminals and attacking the Police.
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  12. Paul Brewer says:

    OH NO !! NOT THOSE PESKY “TEENS” AGAIN>>>>>>>and again

  13. Morey Ladini says:

    Having a gun behind the counter would spare the cash and spare the neighborhood of a menace.

  14. This is what happens when the Police don’t, by law, have to protect you. What a mess and am I glad I don’t live in Baltimore. Was taking a trip to watch a ball game this Summer. NOT ANY MORE!

  15. John Sorger says:

    Obviously the problem here is a lack of coffee control. If there weren’t coffee shops in Baltimore there wouldn’t be coffee shop robberies. It’s never ever the dindu nuffins’ fault.

  16. The mayor has endorsed criminal behavior-so what if the business is robbed? they are all Obama’s kids.

  17. Just watced a mediocre, at best, post apocalyptic flick. One of the cities shown in the intoduction was identified as: Lower $hitsville ( formerly Baltimore)!

  18. Baltimore, a city known for throwing the cops under the liberal hate bus. No wonder crime is out of control. This article blames others, especially rich. No one talks about the percentage banks pick up every time you use the card. The ultra rich win win win.

  19. Here is how this will go down…A crazed drug addicted “person” will enter the coffee shop, stick a gun in the face of the cashier and demand money…When the cashier tells the robber they don’t have any cash it will anger the robber and the cashier will be shot..Baltimore is owned by crime..being robbed is the price you pay for doing business in the city. You can thank the liberal politicians who have created the environment

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