BALTIMORE (WJZ) — 18-year-old Curtis Deal led Baltimore City officers on a foot chase while carrying a gun before being gunned down himself.

Rick Ritter breaks down the newly released video.

The commissioner spoke in length Thursday appearing frustrated at times.

He said Deal shouldn’t have even been on the streets let alone carrying a loaded gun.

New body cam video shows the moments Curtis Deal was gunned down by police in the middle of a west Baltimore street.

Tuesday afternoon, the 18-year-old, known to detectives as a drug dealer, jumped out of a vehicle they were tailing.

A foot pursuit ensued and eventually Deal darts out of an alley and runs past an officer. Police said that’s when video shows Deal pointing the gun at the officers, with his finger on the trigger before one officer fired at the 18-year-old, hitting him four times.

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“Curtis deal had plenty of opportunities to get rid of the gun during a minute long foot chase. Curtis deal chose not to get rid of the gun and then decided to point the gun at an officer,” said City police commissioner Kevin Davis.

Deal later died at Shock Trauma.

“It would be malpractice of a police department to let a guy with a gun, run from a car and we just say oh well and whistle on our way,” said Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

The 18-year-old has been arrested three times over the past month, twice for handgun violations. Police say a judge gave him reduced bond. Which is why Deal got out of jail the day before the incident.

Police said for Deal’s most recent arrest, the state’s attorney’s office requested no bond but a judge gave him reduced bond at $250,000.

The commissioner says it’s a perfect example of violent, repeat offenders slipping through the cracks.

“This didn’t have to happen, this was absolutely a preventable thing. Curtis Deal should be behind bars,” Davis said.

Even though the 18-year-old never pulled the trigger, police said the officer involved had every right to fear for his life.

The commissioner says whether that officer did the right thing isn’t even up for debate.

“Mr. Deal pointed a loaded gun at Baltimore City officer. Period. Next question,” he said.

The officer involved in the shooting has been identified as David Kinlaid, a five-year-veteran in the department. He’s been placed on routine administrative leave.

Since the body camera program went into place, this is the second time Baltimore City police have released footage of a police involved shooting.

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Rick Ritter

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  1. Media Bias….. It does not matter that the perp did not fire. Are the police supposed to wait till the criminal opens fire before they return fire?

  2. Deal “chose … poorly”.

  3. A long way around the barn, but the job got done…..

  4. Miike Drrop says:

    “Deal had been charged with four handgun counts and was arrested last week on nine gun and drug charges after being caught when he ran from a location where drugs were for sale.”

    “Before he died, he [Curtis Deal] testified he came from a family of churchgoers and he planned to go into the army and learn engineering.”

    Judge Nicole Taylor told him he was allowed out on the $250,000 unsecured bond and was given a curfew: “I’m giving you an opportunity to go to school and not be in jail pending this trial.

    “The curfew is 1pm, 7 days a week.’ He confirmed he understood. As he left the court, she told him: ‘Best of luck to you, Mr Deal.’


  5. Ok, so now our officers have to wait until they are fired upon, before they can save their own lives? ABSOLUTELY LAUGHABLE!! Another thug bites the dust…NEXT!!!

  6. Your choice of wording is poor in my opinion. “Gunned down” implies innocence, and this person was not innocent. Surely your journalist are aware of what connotation is…

  7. Katy Burton says:

    One less engineer coming up. Nighty Nite, Mr. Deal.

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