Ed Norris and Rob Long were joined by Baltimore Sun’s Mike Preston to discuss the Ravens’ potential moves in the off season and what the roster may look like next fall.

Preston says, overall the Ravens are pretty set, but they need to fill a few holes to upgrade the team.

Most of the team’s focus will be on the side of the offensive side of the ball. Preston says, “those days of making excuses for Joe are over. It’s time for Joe to step it up.”

The Ravens are aiming get Flacco all the ammunition he needs to succeed. They have to go get a receiver to go get him the weapons. It’s to the point where…we have to give him everything possible for him to be really effective and get us into the post season.”

Preston also believes the position of tight end will be an area the Ravens re-assess. He said Dennis Pitta will take a pay cut, Ladarius Webb will take a pay cut and Ben Watson will need to shine this year in training camp. “You have a team with ten tight ends, but you really only have two. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a tight end in the draft.”

Tune in to hear the full interview below:


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