WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal class-action lawsuit accuses JPMorgan Chase & Co. of cheating District of Columbia jurors out of money by forcing them to receive payments on a debit cards with high fees.

Local news media outlets report that the lawsuit was filed this week by D.C. Attorney William Mark Scott.

D.C. jurors get $30 dollars every day they serve on a jury and a $4 daily travel allowance. Jurors receive the payments on a JPMorgan Chase debit card.

The lawsuit says Chase charges $1.50 a month in “inactivity fees” and $5 to withdraw money from out-of-network ATMs, among other things. The lawsuit says the numerous fees are “intentionally designed to rob these jurors out of the money owed to them.”

A spokesperson for JPMorgan Chase declined to comment to local outlets.


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