By Nelson Barnes II 

Bagels and lox are just a few of the tasty and savory things that Baltimore has to offer! Charm City provides some of the best options for bagels and lox around! From Pikesville to the hustling and bustling energy of the uptown, midtown, and downtown, Baltimore provides the best options for a savory and delicious experience for bagels and lox!

Greg’s Bagels
Belvedere Square
519 E. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 323-9463

Greg’s Bagels has been mentioned to have some of the best bagels and lox in north Baltimore since 1986. This quaint and warm shop provides a nice cup of coffee and a great smile from their staff. Customers have nothing but high praises in regards to the selection and taste at Greg’s Bagels. Some enjoy the small intimate feel of the place with the selection of amazing bagels and their savory lox. Greg’s Bagels has a large selection of smoked salmon and lox around. To add, this shop has a wide variety of vegetarian options as well. This is a shop that provides the needs that your taste would want!

Belvedere Bagels And Grill LLC.
1023 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 347-0304

This is a restaurant that sells not just bagels and lox, but a whole assortment of other eating options as well. Belvedere Bagels and Grill LLC serves  breakfast and lunch as well with its amazing personality. Many consumers consider the fact that this is a fun and unique place with professional service. The egg sandwiches and bagels are in high demand by almost every customer that stops by for some warm and good breakfast.Lox and bagels are not the only option for this place. Be sure to grab a warm cup of coffee and choose from lox, blueberry muffins or a nice warm omelet. Whatever your daily need is you can be sure that Belvedere, Bagels, and Grill LLC. will take care of your needs!

Roland Park Bagel Co.
500 West Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore MD 21210
(410) 889-3333

Often mentioned by customers as providing an amazing powerhouse bagel, Roland Park Bagel Co. is the spot for grabbing savory and delicious bagels and lox.This shop is little and quaint with he right amount of unique flavor that provides the best for customer service and providing great food.Friendly and welcoming customer service is provided as well the ideal setting to grab a yogurt parfait and maybe a sandwich. Customers have always praised this place for it being comforting and this restaurant never disappoints,

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Quarry Bagels And Cafe
2628 Quarry Lake Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209

Free Wifi as well as specialty coffee that provides just a few of the beautiful amenities that this place provides for its customers. Quarry Bagels and Cafe gives a good selection of desserts, bagels and lox to name just a few options. Many customers have come through the doors for breakfast and lunch with the results of a full stomach an satisfactory service from their employees. This cafe provides a lot of options that some are are looking for on a lunch break or just to catch up on a nice conversation. Quarry Bagels and Cafe gives you a great selection for a great price as well as a warm environment to enjoy a great meal!

Towson Hot Bagels
16 Alleghaney Ave.
Towson, Md. 21204
(410) 337-0006

Located in Towson, Towson Hot Bagels provides quality style food as well as a beautiful place to enjoy good eating.  This place is known to some as being the classic breakfast place in Towson. Customers always speak highly of this place as they mention the great customer service as well as the hot and delicious lunch available. Friendly staff will make you feel like you’ve chosen the right place. Towson Hot Bagels provides a good amount of lox selections as well. Whether you are on your way to work, or you are looking for a spot to grab lunch this place is one of many Baltimore Bagel shops that gives satisfaction as well as delicious options.

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