Brandon Tierney is a sports radio host for the CBS Sports Network.

Brandon joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Giants releasing Victor Cruz and other NFL topics.

Brandon started by talking about wide receiver Victor Cruz and whether or not the Ravens should be interested in the recent cap casualty of the Giants saying “I have to be honest I think he was released because he wasn’t quite what his salary reflected…he wasn’t the same guy, before he got hurt he was a good guy in space long runs but once you shred that patellar tendon like he did it’s tough to come back.” Brandon also talked about a guy he would want if he was the Ravens saying “if I’m you guys I would keep an eye on the Jets and them cutting Brandon Marshall…if it happens he’s still a big guy a red zone target, he would seem like a better fit than Cruz for the Ravens.”

Brandon went on to talk about whether or not Victor Cruz will find another job in the NFL and if so where he would fit best and how he could maybe help a team drafting a young quarterback.