Baltimore (WJZ) – More than 100 firefighters worked overnight to control a massive 4-alarm fire in Northwest Baltimore.

Flames burst from the inside of the warehouse starting around 9 o’clock last night. 120 firefighters rushed to the foot of TV Hill and the 41st street bridge next to the JFX.

The cut up building with multiple floors and additions made it difficult to get the flames under control. Dense smoke settled into the valley and towered overhead. Officials shut down the JFX at Northern Parkway as smoke made its way to the highway. The bridge at 41st street was also shutdown as firefighters worked through the night.

Firefighters had to break open the building’s boarded-up windows and were able to get water onto the fire from above. They did not go inside the warehouse fearing that it may be unstable and collapse on them.

The warehouse was empty and up for sale.

It’s not clear what may have caused the fire. The warehouse used to be home to a tire factory and was on track for redevelopment.

Roads nearby were reopened around 1:30 am. The fire did not damage any of the neighboring buildings and no injuries were reported .

Meanwhile not far from the scene a water main break caused problems for residents in the area. Water gushed out onto the street along Keystone Avenue in Woodberry while crews battled the warehouse fire just a few streets away. So far no word if the two are connected.

Some residents near the break were evacuated for a short time, but have since been able to return to their homes.


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