Chance Sisco is the Baltimore Orioles’ top prospect at the catcher position.

Chance joined Ed and Rob live from Sarasota to talk about spring training and trying to make a major league roster.

Chance started by talking about what he needs to improve on to make the jump to being an “everyday MLB guy” saying, “I just need to continue to work on my game, specifically with throwing but keeping my focus on catching and knowing I have to be solid behind the plate to be in the big leagues.”

As for whether or not he is excited to get more camp opportunities with Castillo leaving for the World Baseball Classic, Chance said, “absolutely, I’m looking forward to having a lot of opportunities to work with the big league guys and everybody else in camp too.”

Chance went on to talk about his off-season workout, and the league’s new emphasis on pitch framing and how that is changing the way catchers prepare and train now.


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