BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A multi-million-dollar expansion. The Maryland port is buying more land in Southeast Baltimore.

It’s just one move for the port that’s expected to add jobs to Charm City.

The port got the okay to spend more than $92 million, one of the largest expansions in decades.

It’s a crucial part of Maryland’s success. Right now – the state’s port is as healthy as ever.

“We remain the number 1 port in the country for import export automobiles,” says James White, Executive Director, Marland Port Administration.

And it continues to grow quickly, as they’re set to purchase this land here at point breeze in southeast Baltimore, more than 100 acres, which is massive expansion for the seagirt marine terminal.

We’ll use the property for it for automobiles, important, export,” says White.

Eventually, the land will be used solely for containers.

“I think all of you know port of Baltimore is a huge job engine for state of Maryland,” says Chris Van Hollen.

It’s just the latest move to boost the United States most efficient port.

There’s a push for a major federal investment to dredge the bay.

“Primarily in clearing channels, so you can take big ships coming through Panama canal,” says Van Hollen.

Plus – an effort to get funds for the Howard Street tunnel – to increase its size.

“The width, to be increased so we can get double stacking of cargo,” says Van Hollen.

All necessary to keep the port booming.

“Without the dredging being taken care of, without new land development opportunities, we can’t continue to grow to port.”

Again, the land is likely to be used for storage containers and officials expect it to have it biggest impact in six to eight years.

Van Hollen was asked how these moves could help with crime in the city. He said when more people have economic opportunity. The city can grow and become safer.


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