Should Manny Machado be at shortstop or third base? Rob and Ed discuss the topic of where Machado seems to fit in the best.

Before he leaves for the World Baseball Classic, Manny Machado is making the most of his short time at Baltimore Orioles camp. Machado will play shortstop for the Dominican Republic in next month’s WBC.

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Long-time listener Robbie from Robbie’s First Base called in to chime in on the debate of which position Machado should be playing. He said, “I’m going to disagree with you guys. The reason why Manny Machado is a platinum, Gold Glove third baseman, is because the throw is shorter from third and he’s got a shortstops arm. He is a shortstop, he’s gonna be a shortstop…and that’s what he really, really is.”

Ed and Rob agreed that Manny could be at shortstop but questioned why the rush to try and move him there from his current position.

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“I want him at third base because that’s where I want him, because I know what he is there,” said Rob Long.

Listen to the debate below:

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