BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Police Department has arrested nine teens and is continuing to investigate after a group of mostly juveniles were caught on video assaulting a man in downtown Baltimore in broad daylight.

A 12-year-old, two 13 year olds, three 14 year olds, two 16 year olds, and 18-year-old Derell Smith were arrested following an investigation by Baltimore PD.

The unsuspecting man was walking down the street when the kids started striking him. They punched and insulted him, some even cheering on the abuse.

It happened at around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, during the height of rush hour and was recorded by a witness.
For nearly 2 minutes, the kids hurled fists and insults after stealing his phone.

Police say the group is behind several similar attacks.

“Just assaulting for no purpose, for no rhyme, no reason an individual who’s walking. We believe that this group is responsible for those attacks as well,” says Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Just 30 minutes another victim wast attacked on Guilford Avenue.

“Verbally abusing me, surrounding me and grabbing for my lunch bag. What’s in your bag? Called me some slurs. Then they surrounded me and started attacking me physically,” the victim says.

He tells WJZ he’s grateful to a witness that helped him scare off the kids and flag down officers. Now he wants justice.

“People ought to be able to go to work, go home to their families without this crazy nonsense.” he says.

All nine are being charged with robbery and second-degree assault. Only Smith, the alleged ring leader, is being charged as an adult.

The youngest suspect, is 12 years old and is still in elementary school.

The juveniles will be released while Smith remains in custody.

Smith says the juveniles were not being charged as adults because it was an unarmed robbery. Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis is set to go to the schools attended by these suspects to speak with all the students.

Police say it was an “unprovoked” attack on a man walking down the street. Police do not believe there was a reason for the assault.

“Hopefully this is a wake up call to parents. To know where your children are,” says Smith.

The victim did not suffer any major injuries and was treated at the scene.

The man who posted the video on Facebook Tuesday says the suspects took a man’s phone.

You can watch the video below. WARNING: There is violence and strong language used in this video.

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  1. CCP would solve all of this.. When will the citizens DEMAND a change in the STUPID O’Malley law?

  2. And what would happen if the attackee had hurt one of his attackers?

  3. You just keep on electing liberal socialist regressive democrats to office. Go ahead. Things will change. Never.
    They will only get worse.

  4. Those are some lucky little thugs. They will do that to the wrong person one day and several of them will no longer be on the welfare rolls…..

  5. slothb77 says:

    The victim is a white male. The attackers were all black.

  6. effin animals. it wouldn’t have lasted long with me cause they would all be getting filled with lead. listen to them screech like monkeys.

  7. slothb77 says:

    Was this considered a hate crime?
    If the races had been reversed, would this be considered a hate crime?

    You can pretty much throw all hate crime statistics out the window, folks. If this isn’t a hate crime in this case, but it would be considered a hate crime if nine white youths surrounded and beat a professional black man then those statistics have absolutely no merit.

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