BRIAN WITTE, Associated Press

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — An alternative headline on Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s Facebook page has been littered by “road kill.”

The governor’s page altered a headline Tuesday from The Baltimore Sun and changed it back to the newspaper’s original one after a couple of hours.

The headline referred to a bill before lawmakers that has been contentious for the Republican governor and the Democrat-controlled legislature. Hogan has derisively called a law passed last year over his veto the “road kill bill,” because he says it will end up blocking projects.

Doug Mayer, Hogan’s spokesman, says the headline change was “a staff mistake” that resulted after a staffer used a headline seen elsewhere.

The Sun’s headline was changed to: “Maryland Senate Committee Approves Road Kill Repeal w/Amendments.” The newspaper’s actual headline was: “Maryland Senate committee crafts compromise on transportation scoring law.”


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