BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Some major cuts being proposed by President Trump could have a huge impact in Maryland.

There’s major concerns that all the effort that’s gone into projects to “Save the bay” could be undone. But others argue the outlook doesn’t have to be so bleak.

Since the Regan era, the health and welfare of the Chesapeake Bay has been one the federal government’s top priorities.

Water from six states end up in the bay and in the long-run the health of the bay not only impacts what grows and lives in it, but what ends up on dinner plates.

So, it comes as no surprise that as the president unveils a proposed budget that would eliminate $73 million to help continue cleaning up what Maryland’s economic engines, some are hitting the panic button.

“Losing these funds is going to be devastating and that’s not a dramatic statement,” says Kim Coble, Vice President Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Foundation officials say the current health of the bay is good. They worry, however, that any changes could prove catastrophic.

“Oysters and crab are coming back and we’re seeing cleaner water. So, without that money, it’s going to go in the other direction,” says Coble.

Some disagree.

One man says it may just be time to rethink where the foundation spends money

“I think that they could probably do more with less at the same time I think he’s talking about removing an awful lot. So, I’m not for it, but at the same time I would like to see the allocations that they do have be used may be used a little more effectively,” he says.

Others tells WJZ they were under the impression, as the president once indicated, that he would be focusing on promoting clean air and water.

“We have to keep our eyes on the prize, the minute we take our eyes of the Chesapeake Bay and safeguarding it, it’s going to fall back.”

Foundation officials say they will fight with every fiber in their bodies to see that congress rejects the proposed budget.

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  1. Truck loads of cash have been dumped into the bay in the form of O’Malley taxes. Something is always wrong,something always needs to be retaxed, new fee’s…you name it. Mother Nature controls the bay not Democrats or Republicans. Mother nature can flush the entire bay in one swoop like a giant toilet. Do you enjoy the new inlet at Ocean City? She did a fine job in one day.

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